Victoria & Dino: A Hollywood Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby girl born in the land of sunshine, beaches and big dreams. Her name was Princess Victoria, and she was the first-born child of the richest and most powerful man in Hollywood, Sir Hutch Melrose.

Sir Hutch Melrose and his wife, Lady Sweets, had a long and happy marriage in their 57,000 square-foot mansion – named ‘The Magnificent Manor’ – in the hills of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, many people were cruel to Princess Victoria, and she grew up hearing that she was not beautiful enough — certainly not fit for princess-hood in The Magnificent Manor.

So Princess Victoria opted for elective surgery to ‘fix’ many of her features. But regardless of the plastic surgery, over time, Princess Victoria still felt she was not beautiful enough. She went on to starve herself in hopes of being the skinniest lady in all the land — everyday praying that she would grow into her looks.

One day, Princess Victoria met a bonny lad named Charles and they were wed in a lavish ceremony at The Magnificent Manor. But the Princess was not happy, and when she met a foreigner named Dino, the pair entered a scandalous love affair that same evening.

Although both Princess Victoria and Dino were married to other people, they continued their steamy romance. In their haze of their drama, the pair said dreamy terms such as “I love you” and “soul mate” throughout the days that followed.

After breaking their respective spouses’ hearts, Princess Victoria and Dino were wed on a faraway beach within one year of their meeting. They did so without the blessing of Sir Hutch Melrose and Lady Sweets. Not to mention, Dino’s son was left confused and sad in his new broken home.

The “soul mates” went on to have four beautiful children and share their days on reality television for everyone see their “perfect” life.

But as karma would have it, shortly after their fourth child arrived, Dino met an attractive young lady and engaged in sexual relations with her within hours of first meeting her. As it turns out, sex was getting boring for Dino, and with Princess Victoria busy with their four children, he wasn’t feeling special anymore. Thus, he needed a younger lady – a perfect stranger – to satisfy his needs. After the scandal hit the headlines, in classic Hollywood form, Dino entered rehab for a sex addiction.

Feeling as though he is not sorry for his sin, but regretful that he got caught, Princess Victoria insisted on sharing their marital breakdown and counseling sessions on a television docu-series. Not taking into consideration how their four children will feel later in life when they watch these dramatic scenes, Princess Victoria felt it was important for people to see that she was not at fault for the breakdown of her second marriage. She needed the people to know that she is worthy of love. And what better way than television to portray her message and get revenge?

While many of Princess Victoria’s friends tried to persuade her otherwise, she went forward with the docu-series, showcasing not only her marriage’s demise, but sadly, her own. And while millions of people tuned in to see the show, Princess Victoria only lost herself in the only way she knows how to heal — through the mixture of drama and television.

Unfortunately, the people of the land only went on to blame Princess Victoria for the breakdown of her marriage. She was chastised for focussing on her career, not eating enough, and spending too much time on lavish DIY projects and birthday bashes with her children. Not to mention, she was labelled a “homewrecker,” and many people were not willing to forgive her sins.

But there were a few people, in faraway northern lands, that saw through the fairy tale facade. A rare few were able to sympathize with Prince Victoria, accept the karma that is coming her way, and root for her victory — which will come without the help of any man, and only when she learns to forgive herself, let go, and love who she truly is.

The End.

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