What’s The Deal With Attachment Parenting?

One of the most buzzed about topics of last year was TIME‘s Are you Mom Enough? cover showcasing 26-year-old mom-of-two Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3-year-old son.

The young mom was highlighting attachment parenting, the latest and most controversial parenting trend.

So what is attachment parenting?

Our friends at AllParenting.com outlined the 7 basic attachment tools, referred to as the Baby B’s, that may be used together or individually in whatever way works best for each individual family.

  • Birth bonding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Babywearing
  • Bed sharing (sometimes referred to as co-sleeping)
  • Belief in your baby’s cries
  • Beware of baby trainers
  • Balance and boundaries

While the focus is primarily on the mother-infant relationship, bonding with dad is also an important part of attachment parenting.

Let’s hear from 5 Hollywood moms who have joined in on the latest parenting trend.

  • Mayim Bialik:

She first stole our hearts as the hat-wearing teen Blossom and the saucy young Bette Midler in Beaches. Now we love Mayim Bialik as the quirky neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Not only does she have an outstanding acting career, she also holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is one of the most hands-on moms in Hollywood.

Mayim opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about Beyond the Sling, her book on attachment parenting.

The thoughtful mom-of-two also talked about homeschooling her sons – a common practice of attachment parents – and breastfeeding her 3½-year-old son Fred.

What about the criticism that may moms feel too overwhelmed to commit to this form of parenting?

“That’s one of the criticisms against attachment parenting,” Mayim said. “But I say in the book that all parents should receive at least a minimal education from doctors, nurses and all sorts of people in medical positions to understand why people make decisions that lead to choices like attachment parenting.”

She added: “I think that every parent feels overwhelmed and is trying to figure out the ‘best’ way. But I think that in our culture we’ve been so trained to believe that independence from a child and having a child that is independent is ‘best.’ And I think that we’re finally seeing a lot of scientific research supporting that being close to your baby, fostering that attachment, and surrounding yourself with a community of people that supports that, is beneficial for the child and for the parent.”

  • Alanis Morissette:

Mom-of-one Alanis Morissette is the latest celebrity mom to weigh in on attachment parenting.

“I’m an attachment parent,” said the Grammy Award-winning singer, who has a 2-year-old son Ever with rapper husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway. “I breastfeed and I’ll be breastfeeding until my son is finished and he weans.”

“I think it affords the child, when he grows up, to have a lot less therapy to go to,” the You Oughta Know singer adds. “For me, I protect his safety and his well-being and his attachment. That stage of development is a very important stage.”

Alanis went on to talk about co-sleeping with her sweet son. “We’re definitely skin-on-skin connected as much as possible,” she says.

But she assures there’s still plenty of quality intimate time with her hubby.

“He’s a very robust virile man,” Alanis said with a laugh. “You gotta take care of your husband.”

  • Pink:

In November, Carey Hart took to Instagram to share a photo of his wife Pink and their daughter Willow during a family trip in Paris, France.

“@pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!” he captioned the shot of the singer breastfeeding their 17-month-old.

The Grammy Award-winning singer has been open about her attachment parenting philosophy. Tweeting her response to this year’s controversial TIME magazine cover on extended breastfeeding, she wrote:

“I felt that the article in TIME on attachment parenting was unfortunately a tad extreme. I support attachment parenting 100%… And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it. It’s time we support what’s healthy (breast feeding) instead of judge it.”

  • Marika Tsircou:

A self-proclaimed attachment parent, Beverly Hills Nannies star Marika Tsircou opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about nursing her 13-month-old son Xander.

“It will make your baby healthier, stronger and smarter,” she claimed of breastfeeding on demand.

She even shared some of her best breastfeeding advice for our readers.

“Whatever you do, do no…I repeat do not listen to the nurses at the hospital who try to push formula while your milk comes in,” she urged. “Colostrum is the best thing for your baby and though it will be painful, difficult, exhausting and very challenging let your baby suckle all day and night if need be to stimulate your milk.”

She added: “I still nurse Xander on demand and believe it’s always the best way. My original goal was one year but Xander has no idea he just turned one and to him it’s just another day he’d like to be nursing. He loves to nurse and I love to make him happy so I have no plans to wean anytime soon.”

  • Jewel:

While she has not outright identified herself as an attachment parent, singer-songwriter Jewel has opened up about the benefits of breastfeeding.

As busy mom to 18-month-old son Kase with rodeo cowboy husband, Ty Murray, the holistic mama opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of extended breastfeeding.

“I am still breastfeeding and it is going well,” Jewel said. “Being raised on a ranch, you see what it does for the babies and their health. Kase has been perfectly healthy; he’s never had a cold or anything. So it’s been good. I hate pumping with a passion though [laughs].”

In one of her first interviews since welcoming baby Kase in July 2011, Jewel opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about breastfeeding her baby boy.

“The first bit is hard learning how to do it,” she shared. “But once you and the baby get the hang of it, it’s great. For me it’s easier than keeping up with bottles and formula. For me it’s for the nutrition and the fact that breast cancer decreases almost 70% for one year of breastfeeding! And it can go up to almost 90% for two years of breastfeeding. That’s amazing! That’s one of the biggest things you can do to prevent breast cancer. There’s a stat I had not heard before!”

She added: “And also with childhood obesity on the rise, the statistics for breastfed children, it’s dramatically and drastically lower. So those are two great reasons to do it, on top of the fact that, for me, it feels convenient.”

And she has reached beyond her original goal.

“I’d like to do it for at least a year,” Jewel said. “I know the World Health Organization recommends two, but I don’t know if I’ve got two in me [laughs].”

While I greatly admire moms who commit to attachment parenting, it’s just not for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely “mom enough,” but I believe strongly in having a good balance in my life. I love to escape every now and again for girls’ night out, time by myself, or even a weekend getaway once or twice a year.

How could that happen if the baby needed my boob or my warm body to nap/sleep next to?

And not to mention sexy time with the hubby! If any/all three of the kids were sleeping in our bed, let’s just say it would be a real snoozer for my old man. I’m sorry, but my marriage means too much to me and, therefore, the babies/kids need to sleep in their own beds.

Sound off! Does attachment parenting work for you? Or is it a trend you won’t join any day soon?

Do you practice attachment parenting?

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