World Breastfeeding Week: 5 Tips For Nursing Moms

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, we’re paying tribute to all the nursing moms out there.

From celebrity moms who embrace breastfeeding, to everyday moms who refuse to be shamed for feeding their babies in public, we salute you all.

Joy Kosak from Simple Wishes is joining in on the celebrations. Joy is a knowledgeable breastfeeding and pumping advocate, mother-of-two and business owner of two breastfeeding-related businesses.

Joy shares 5 tips for breastfeeding moms:

  • Take it one day at a time, as there is a learning curve but after a few weeks many women find it second-nature.
  • If you have to breastfeed or pump on the go, practice at home first so it becomes second-nature for your new settings where you may not feel as comfortable.
  • Get help as soon as you run into any issues. For example, most hospitals have nurses on-call for lactation consulting, so check before you leave.
  • Make a plan with your family and friends for support. That way if you need help feeding baby with pumped milk or need someone to talk to you have prepared, supportive resources on-hand.
  • Although breastfeeding can be daunting if you run into challenges, remember that you are doing the best possible thing for both you and your baby by aiming to achieve your individual breastfeeding goal.

Joy Kosak is a knowledgeable breastfeeding and pumping advocate, mother of two and business owner of two breastfeeding-related businesses. Her journey began when her sister became a mother and noticed a void in the market for convenient pumping accessories, and thus the Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra was born. Since founding Simple Wishes in 2010 Joy and her sisters have immersed themselves in the industry, learning as much as possible about nursing mothers’ needs in order to help meet them and maximize their experience. Today with Pumping Essentials they aim to leverage the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to help new mothers obtain breastfeeding support and breast pumps, cost and hassle-free. With a passion for helping others, Joy seeks to positively impact the lives of new moms and help them achieve their individual breastfeeding goals.

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