11 Best Beach Stroller

The best beach stroller can be very expensive, but it does not have to be.  Whichever one you choose, make sure it is designed for the beach, has the right type of wheels, has a shade cover, and will last for a long time.  You want one that will be able to handle the rough terrain.

What to Look for in the Best Beach Stroller

Storage:  You want to make sure that there is enough storage to carry all the items you are taking to the beach such as a diaper bag, towels, snacks, etc.  You also need to consider if you are going to purchase anything and have to transport it back to the car.  Storage also means where you keep it when not in use.  You do not want one that is too big to store out of the way.

Durability and reliability:  With a beach stroller, you want to make sure it is reliable and can take it to the beach several times during the summer. You do not want one that is going to fall apart after the first or second trip.  Do not buy one that is made of cheap plastic.  You should also buy from a reputable source.  Preferably, it should be made in the USA.  The saltwater and sand can do a number on your beach stroller so make sure it is durable.

Weight capacity:  Before you purchase a beach stroller, check the weight capacity.  Children grow so fast you want to make sure that it will last you more than one season. 

Safety belt:  Most strollers have a 5-point safety harness so make sure the beach stroller also has a strong harness.  The stroller should also have adjustable seat belts that are flexible and lightweight.

 Canopy:  This is an essential part of a beach stroller because you will need one to protect them from direct sunlight, wind, or rain.  The canopy should also be adjustable.  Most of them will come with a canopy that is Ultraviolet protected.  This helps to save your child from having skin damage.  The canopy should be user-friendly and adjustable.

Foldability:  You want to find a stroller that can be folded easily one-handed.  Most are designed with a one-hand folding mechanism that will let you fold the stroller safely and quickly.

Comfort:  You want to make sure that your child is comfortable when sitting in the stroller in the sun.  They need to be protected so they do not get sunburned or overheated.  They should also have a place where they can put snacks to eat and have a cup holder for their drink.  It should also be comfortable to sit in and lay down to take a nap.

Wheels:  What you Should Know

With a beach stroller, typically the better the tire, the better the stroller, which is true.  You want a tire that is easy to inflate.  On the other hand, you do not want them too large that they will easily burst. 

Size:  The best beach stroller should have big rubber wheels.  The bigger tires will help you on sandier, rockier surfaces you can walk on, but they might tear easily.  Smaller tires will most likely get stuck in the sand.  Look for one that is medium to large size filled with plenty of air.

Should they be locking wheels?  Swivel wheels are nice when you are turning corners but not on a beach.  They can get stuck easily.  You should make sure that the stroller you chose has locking wheels because they help you push your stroller through the sand easily.

Design:  For navigating through the sand, the beach stroller should have one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back.  The 4-wheel design is not always the best for pushing it on the sand.  The reason is one of the front wheels can easily sink in the sand or get stuck.

Types of Beach Baby Strollers

Jogging:  This is the type of stroller that you will generally find on the beach.  They have a three-wheel setup that is good for a beach stroller plus they are durable. Also, they have wheels that swivel and lock, which work great on the sand. 

Full size: This is a popular type of stroller because it is more durable and studier.  It also comes with plenty of features.  If this is the type of beach stroller you are considering, make sure that you check out the wheels to make sure that they are large enough to not get stuck in the sand.

Umbrella:  This is a simple stroller and is good if you just want to take a walk. It is very lightweight, 15 pounds or less.  It folds up compactly.  They are portable and cute but are not made to be a beach stroller.  They are not a good match for sand.

Double:  If you have more than one child this is a good choice for a beach stroller.  They are very durable, but you need to check the wheels to see if they work in the sand.  They come in side-by-side seating or tandem where one child sits behind the other child.

Cleaning Your Baby’s Beach Stroller

When you take your stroller to the beach, you want to make sure that you clean it regularly.  If possible, you should clean it after a day at the beach.  By cleaning all of the beach stroller parts, it will provide a sanitary environment for your baby.  Cleaning will also make sure the stroller is safe and properly functioning.  It also gives you a chance to notice if anything does not seem right or any loose parts and take care of them.


After taking the beach stroller to the beach you will need to clean the wheels.  The reason is that the salt and sand can damage the turning ability of the beach stroller.  Do not submerge the whole wheel into water.  If you do this, you could damage the lubrication of the wheel.

You will need to safely detach the wheels from the frame of the stroller.  Use a stiff brush or damp cloth to clean the wheels with a soapy water mixture.


For many beach strollers, you have the option of taking the fabric out of the stroller to clean it.  After a day at the beach, it could smell like the beach or be stained with sunscreen.  If the fabric does come out, put it in the washing machine and run it through the gentle cycle.  You should not put it in the dryer but instead, let it dry in the sun.

If you cannot take the fabric out, you will have to put some time aside to clean it.  To get out any loose dirt or crumbs, vacuum the fabric.  As a cleaner, you might want to try white vinegar that is diluted with water.  For every cup of water, use a cap full of vinegar.  If you do not like the smell of vinegar, you can add some lemon juice to the water.

If you do not want to use vinegar, you can use warm water and soap.  Just make sure that the soap is mild because your baby’s skin will be on it.  Using whichever cleaning solution you chose, use a rag to scrub the fabric.


This is the easiest part of your beach stroller to clean.  All you need is a cloth and soapy water to wipe it down.  Before cleaning the frame, remove as many things as possible from the stroller that you can.  This includes trays, toys, fabric, etc.  This will let you clean the frame thoroughly and easier.

Product Name EXTEC Folding Stroller Wagon   Primo Passi Icon Baby Stroller   Blue Wide Wheel All-Terrain Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon with Push Bar   Radio Flyer Beach & Boardwalk Wagon   Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller   Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller   Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller   Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller   Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon   Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller   Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger  Stars out of 5 4.1   5       4.1       4.8     4.7     4.7   4.7     4.7   4.7   4.8   4.7  Price $169.99   $499.99       $149.96       $149.00     $109.99     $529.95   $289.99     $129.99   $269.99   $359.99   $239.99  

Best Beach Stroller

EXTEC Folding Stroller Wagon

This beach stroller’s frame is made of alloy steel.  It measures 43.3 x 22 x 36.3 inches.  This is a multi-purpose wagon.  It is great for taking things to the beach.  Sets up in seconds with no assembly required.  When folded, it is only seven inches thick.  There is a carry bag to put it into when storing it.  It will fit in the trunk of your car.  It comes with a large canopy to keep the sun off your children.


  • It comes with two safety belts so the children can sit safely inside.
  • Has a stretchable adjustable handle.
  • The wheels are all-terrain with them being seven inches in diameter and four inches wide.
  • The tires are designed with bearings and rotate 360 degrees.
  • Built with durable 600D double-layered oxford fabric.
  • The heavy-duty frame can hold up to 220 pounds.
  • The cart basket can be removed and washed.


  • Stability needs to be checked regularly as the screws may loosen and need to be tightened.

Primo Passi Icon Baby Stroller

This beach stroller has an adjustable footrest.  It also has a reversible seat and ventilated canopy.  The frame is made of aluminum and the fabric is polyester.  This beach stroller checks off all the boxes for quality standards and the highest safety.

It has removable rear wheels and front swivel wheels, which lock.  The stroller has a 4-wheel suspension and PU tires.  It has a reversible seat with a one-hand seat recliner.  The seat recliner has three positions.  It has a 5-point harness that will convert into a 3-point harness.


  • Has a USB port to charge your device while on the go.
  • Has a car seat adapter.
  • Expandable canopy with UPF 50+ protection and ventilation.
  • All-season seat feature a newborn safety system.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • Very heavy to carry at 26 pounds.
  • Expensive.

Blue Wide Wheel Wagon All-Terrain Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon with Push Bar

Although this does not look like a regular stroller, it is great for taking your children and all their stuff to the beach.  It has a 150 pounds capacity.  It is made with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame.  The cart is made from durable 600 denier polyester fabric.  This wagon has four-inch-wide, seven-inch-diameter, rubber all-terrain wheels.  With one pull of the strap in the center of the cart, you can fold it into a compact size.


  • The fabric can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • It has 2 adjustable handles that you can use to push like a cart or pull like a wagon.
  • Handles are adjustable with an angle push handle and a telescopic pull handle.
  • Has 360-degree swivel wheels.


  • No canopy to keep the sun off the children.
  • No seat belts to fasten them into the wagon.
  • Wheels seem to break off easily.

Radio Flyer Beach & Boardwalk Wagon

This one is three wagons in one.  One is for hauling things to the beach, then there is bench seating, and finally, 2-rider seating.  It is easily transformed from hauling to bench seating by using the zippers on the side.  It has extra-wide wheels and a linked steering mechanism.  This makes it easier to steer and move it on the sand.

It has two seat belts.  The canopy has UV protection to protect them from the sun.  It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds.


  • The fabric of the wagon is made from 100% recycled wagon fabric.
  • The rear storage bar can hold two beach chairs.
  • Easy one-hand fold.
  • It passes the ASTM=F963-13 toy safety standard.
  • Has two cup holders.


  • Does not make turns, such as off a sidewalk.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

The frame of this jogger stroller is made of steel.  It has a 5-point harness.  The front wheel is a swivel wheel that locks when you want to jog.  It has a reclining padded seat.  The handle is extra wide and ergonomically shaped to give you better comfort and maneuverability.  The stroller has reflectors on the footrest to provide better low-light visibility.


  • Large bicycle tires that can roll over all surfaces. Including sand.
  • Large canopy.
  • Storage basket.
  • Easy fold for compact storage.
  • Accepts Baby Trend Infant car seats.


  • Can only be used for children up to 36 months.
  • Front-wheel can fall unexpectedly.
  • Although it is a large canopy, it does not cover the entire length of the stroller.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

With this jogging stroller, the maximum weight is 75 pounds whereas most are 50 pounds.  It is a lightweight, all-terrain stroller. It is great for strolling or jogging.  It has a swivel front wheel that locks into place when you want to go jogging.

The handlebar is ergonomic and adjustable.  It has a twist-hand brake.  The large storage basket has a zip-top cover.


  • It has large 16-inch rear wheels.
  • Great suspension for an ultra-smooth ride.
  • 1-handed, compact fold.
  • Padded 5-point harness.
  • Two mesh compartments for toys and snacks.
  • Reclining seat.


  • The seat is not deep enough for toddlers.
  • An upright position is still slightly reclined.
  • Expensive.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

This stroller/jogger has an aluminum frame with a maximum weight of 75 pounds.  The extra-wide seat sits high up so your child can see better.  It has a multi-position seat recline.  The height of the handlebar is 41-inches, and the headroom is 22-inches.  It has an easy compact fold.


  • This stroller comes with a tire pump, running leash, and parent organizer.
  • Quick-release 16-inch rear wheels.
  • 12.5-inch swivel front wheel that locks.
  • Shock-absorbing suspension.
  • One of the lightest joggers at 25.7 pounds.


  • Only for children 36 months and younger.
  • Large jogger stroller and may not work in tight spaces.

Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller

With this jogging stroller, you can turn it into a travel system with an infant car seat.  You can protect them from the environment with the UPF 50+ extendable visor.  The visor adjusts to the terrain, whether it is rain, snow, wind, or sun.  The swing-away tray makes getting in and out easier for your child.  It has a 5-point safety harness.


  • 12-inch front wheel with a swivel lock to provide a stability that is adjustable.
  • 16-inch back wheels for a smooth ride.
  • Has a shock-absorbing frame.
  • Reclining seat.
  • Storage basket and two cup holders.
  • Folds easily.
  • JPMA certified.


  • Wheels are not what is shown but are hard plastic.
  • Very heavy

Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon

This stroller wagon is ideal for children one to three years of age.  It offers the adventure of a wagon and the convenience of a stroller with the push and pull handle.   In the back is a fold-away stroller handle.  On the front is a lockable wagon pull handle.  It has a one-hand easy fold for storage.

The front caster wheels offer great steering ability.  The 12-inch large rear wheels give the child a quiet, smooth ride.  It can carry up to 120 pounds.  You can store the canopy in the rear storage pouch.  Inside, there are two kid cup holders and interior pockets.  It also has stationary bench seating.


  • It has passed the ASTM-f963-13 toy safety and stroller standard. 
  • Has a rear foot brake.
  • 5-point safety harness. 
  • Canopy has UV protection.
  • Premium rubber tires with bearings and Traction Tread.


  • The canopy is not waterproof.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

This stroller has a maximum weight of 65 pounds.  With the all-wheel suspension and air rubber tires, it gives you great agility on any type of terrain, including sand.  It has a one-hand fold so all you need to do is lift the strap and it folds up.


  • If you want to make it a travel system, they have included the adapters for the City Go infant car seat.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • The parking brake is hand operated giving you control and comfortable steering.
  • Adjustable calf support to let the child rest their legs comfortably.


  • It does not come with a carry bag.
  • Storage is not easy to access.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This double jogger stroller has a multi-position seat recline. It comes with locking front swivel wheels.  It is an easy compact fold.  This stroller is lightweight and made of sturdy construction.  For travel and storage, it has quick-release tires.


  • 5-point safety harness.
  • 12-inch front and 16-inch back all-terrain tires.
  • The bicycle tires are rubber pneumatic.
  • Foot-activated rear brake system.
  • Has a storage compartment that is covered.
  • Nice shade canopy.


  • The age range is less than 36 months of age.
  • No cup holder attachment for the child.


The best beach stroller needs to have wide tires and go over all terrain.  In addition to regular strollers, these can include joggers and stroller wagons.  If you have a lot of gear to bring to the beach and more than one child, the best beach stroller would be the stroller wagon.  Most of these have the push/pull handle, making it easier to move it over sand and it can carry a lot.

The best beach stroller ranges in prices from inexpensive to expensive.  Read all the pros and cons, read the reviews, and then make your decision as to which one would best suit your needs.  Also, take into consideration your needs.  When going to the beach with your children and all their gear, a beach stroller would be the thing that you need. They are also good for walks on the beach when your child gets tired of walking.

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Yes, the best beach stroller can be very expensive, but you want one that stands up to the rigors of the beach and can carry all your stuff.  Our list covers a wide range of prices and styles.

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