Our Mission

At Herscoop, we offer practical tips and inspiration to help you improve water quality in your home. From finding the best water filter systems to dealing with common water issues – such as hard water or bad smells – our experts can show you what to pick and what to do to drink healthy water.

We help millions of users each month find the information they need to buy their first water filtration system, decide between water filters and water softeners or conditioners, what portable solutions they can choose for an RV and more.

To do this, we make sure that each piece of content is delivered to you by expert writers, including nutritionistsproduct developers, and professional contractors. All our collaborators have extensive background and expertise in their topics, and we are wholly committed to diversity, honesty, and quality.

Our Review Process

Water Filter Cast is committed to providing the most valuable and objective information about water filter systems and portable filtering equipment.

All our reviews are performed exclusively by professionals in the industry and reflect our best advice for you, the consumer. Our goal is to save you time researching products with the absolute best information we can create, and every review we write aims at being fair and impartial.

Why Trust Us?

At Water Filter Cast, we strive to be perfect in everything we do. Before releasing an article, we devote our time to research and test each product ourselves whenever possible.

However, when reviewing whole house or under-counter filters, we do not have the budget to buy each product. Whenever this happens, our review process is as follows:

  1. We choose a category (e.g. whole house water filter systems, whole house water softenersreverse osmosis water filters, etc.).
  2. We thoroughly research each product from all available sources, including consumer product reviews, YouTube videos, and other sites.
  3. We supplement the study with the practical experience of those who have used the product.
  4. At this stage, we select the best products in the category, aiming for the top 10 – some articles may feature fewer or more systems, based on our research.
  5. We write a detailed article that highlights the pros and cons of each product as well as a detailed buyer’s guide and FAQ section to help you decide which water filtration system is best for your specific circumstances.