About Us

Hello everyone, my name is Alice or Allie, and I am a proud founder of HerScoop. Being a mom of two myself, but a Mom Blogger as well, I decided to help current and upcoming parents with all the unanswered questions that parenting is bringing.

The idea in my mind was to build a trustable site, a site where all mothers and fathers can turn to in time of need. I wanted to make a place where all the confusions are cleared up. Place where there are strongly defined guides and helpful product reviews, all at one place. To achieve that, I gathered a team of experts to assist me in this beautiful journey. With well-educated and professional oriented associates, HerScoop saw the light of the day.

It can be very intimidating when you are expecting a new baby in the house. That’s why facilitating the process of parenthood should come in the first place. Now with HerScoop, you can achieve that. Prepare yourself for parenthood with ease with all necessary information. Everything you ever wondered about can be found on the website. 

Our expert team made sure that each of our blogs are clearly answered with all the details about parenting guides. Every tip and trick is also included, with a wealthy product reviews center where you can easily find your needed product. 

The team and myself are constantly working to make your experience better. We are always looking for the best ways to prepare parents for the most beautiful time of their lives. But we’re not stopping here. We are not leaving you. When the baby arrives, we’ll be right here with our helping guides and tricks to protect your back. Our eagerness for helping is always here and with HerScoop Family, motherhood and fatherhood will be done with our full support.