At what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed?

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Usually, the transition from a toddler bed to a single bed happens when the baby turns 18 months. So, at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed? The answers can vary.

Know that this is not strict and it’s totally normal to happen in the later period. Some toddlers might not transition until they turn 3, and that’s nothing wrong with that. This usually depends on the child, and the range of months varies on the child’s ability to adapt.

At what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed is a very popular question among parents. 

What age should a toddler go into a single bed? 

While there is no set time at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed? But, most parents usually make this change between the second and third years of a toddler’s life. 

This transition can be difficult for babies, but it is also difficult for parents as well. This way you are being reminded that your baby is growing up thus this period can be emotional. The parents are also adapting to changes, getting rid of the diaper bags, baby clothes, and changing sleeping schedules. 

Yet, we cannot keep babies small forever, we have to do what is best for the child and help them through the transition. 

As mentioned above, the baby’s age can be a determiner for knowing when is the right time for your baby to start sleeping in a single bed.

Yet, there are some signs that you can take into consideration when this period comes along.

Indication of when your baby should stop using a toddlers bed:

  1. Pay attention to their weight. Babies grow up so fast. Before you even know it, they are starting school. Well, before that time arrives, we need to look out for other things that come along. The parent needs to occasionally monitor the weight of the child. Not only for health reasons but for making sure if the toddler is ready to change the bed. Using a toddler’s bed is fine as long as the child feels comfortable using it but most of its beds are built to hold up to 50 pounds. So, at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed? Well, if the baby overcomes that figure, be aware that it’s maybe the time for changing bed. 
  1. Let the child know that they are being heard. Even though they are still toddlers, a lot of children have the urge of telling their parents how they feel. There’s a possibility that your child will ask for changing beds or tell you that they don’t feel comfortable sleeping in their “small” beds since they are growing into a “big boy/girl”. 
  1. Make sure they are comfortable. If your child is not telling you about changing beds, the parent can easily see that the toddler is not feeling much comfort when sleeping in its current bed. Though toddlers beds are pretty long and have a length of space, they are not so wide, especially if there are toys and stuffed animals along.
  1. School as a determinant. If the child still didn’t change the bed in the period to 3 years old, and the toddler is still comfortable sleeping in the current bed, let the school be your determinant. Kids should really be out from their toddler’s beds when the time of school arrives. Why?

Well, these beds are not built and designed for children this age and it can really cause discomfort for the toddler. Let this be your last determinate for a question at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed?

Can a 5 year old sleep in a toddler bed?

Based on research, children can freely use their toddler beds until the age of five. So this can be your answer at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed?

As mentioned, the child will feel the need for changing into a single bed. As they are getting older, they want to be more involved in that grown-up world thus anything that is babyish they would want to change.

Toddler bed age limit

As a general guide, your little one will move into a toddler bed from age 12 months up to about 4 years old. This is one of the most common answers for asking the famous question, at what age should a child move from a toddler’s bed to a single bed?

When your baby is at the earliest stage it should sleep in the crib. After the first year of life, it should be moved to a toddler’s bed. The period of using this type of bed is not strictly defined, but it’s totally acceptable to use it until the age of four. 

When the toddlers turn five, you should consider upgrading the child’s bed to a single bed.

Are single beds safe for toddlers?

Of course, they are. When a baby is still a newborn, it should be placed in the crib when it’s sleeping time. But when it comes to toddlers, after the first age of life, it is totally safe for children to sleep in toddlers’ beds. 

There is a wide range of times when kids can use this bed and that’s why they are so popular. 

What is another great thing about the toddler’s beds is that they are sold in different designs and of good quality which can be used for many years.


The best way to know what is the perfect time to switch from a toddler bed to a full-size bed is by listening and tracking the development of your own child. 

Make sure your toddler is comfortable when sleeping in its bed. Nobody likes when our feet are hanging from the bed, or we don’t have enough space to move while we sleep.

What applies to height also applies to weight. They are not built to hold up too much weight. Usually, that is around 22 kilograms or 50 pounds. So be careful to monitor your child’s growth.

As a general rule, toddlers of the age of 5 should be ready to say goodbye to their current bed and move on to the single one.  Of course, this can vary. Some kids are ready to change it way before they turn five while the others are changing it when school starts.

But parents don’t worry. If your child does this before or after the mentioned period, there’s nothing wrong with it. Every child is different and endures these kinds of changes differently.

All you have to do is follow the signs and talk with your toddlers. 

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