4-Month-Old Baby Uses the Left Hand More Than the Right

4-Month-Old Baby Uses The Left Hand More Than The Right

Babies, at this stage still don’t have hand preferences. This happens later in life, between the second and fourth years of their life. But if you see your 4-month-old baby uses the left hand more than the right, it’s okay but it doesn’t mean that he or she will be left-handed.  Often, at this period … Read more

How to Remove Hair From a Baby’s Upper Lip?

How To Remove Hair From A Baby's Upper Lip?

You can make a natural paste and try to remove it. Use some home ingredients like almonds, turmeric, and yellow muster to make the paste. Then take a little bit on your hands, apply to the baby’s mustache area and gently massage it.  You can even use this for the rest of the baby’s body, … Read more

A Newborn Has Hair on the Ears

A Newborn Has Hair On The Ears

This is not an unusual thing. Every child, a newborn has hair on the ears. Including us, when we were babies. Even before we are born, our body is covered with little soft hair including the ears as well. This hair is called lanugo. When babies are born, they have lanugo and it takes some … Read more

How to Tame a Newborn’s Hair?

How To Tame A Newborn's Hair?

While some babies are born bold, with almost no hair, some of them have a very thick one and it’s very difficult to maintain it. So, how to tame a newborn’s hair? Here are some tricks you can do: Avoid washing your newborn’s hair every single day. They do not need that, just like they … Read more

When to Wash Newborn Hair for the First Time?

When To Wash Newborn Hair For The First Time?

You can wash your baby’s hair when the toddler is around 4 to 6 weeks, just like when it comes to using baby products. When washing your baby’s hair, first wet it, and then drop a mild shampoo, gently rub it, and thoroughly rinse it off.  When doing so, cup your hand underwater and gently … Read more

When Can I Start Using Baby Products on My Newborn?

When Can I Start Using Baby Products On My Newborn?

When your baby is between 4 and 6 weeks, you can introduce an unperfumed baby product to them. Even so, be careful not to use them too much, because it can damage the newborn’s skin. If you have a baby with longer hair, you need to wash that as well. Make a few drops of … Read more