When Can You Put Nail Polish on a Baby?

When Can You Put Nail Polish On A Baby?

There is no exact time on when can you put nail polish on a baby? But, when the baby stops putting its hands and fingers inside its mouth, you can consider using nail polish.  When it comes to the toenails, it is less likely that the baby will put them in its mouth after 8 … Read more

Can I Wear Nail Polish Around My Baby?

Can I Wear Nail Polish Around My Baby?

If you want to wear nail polish you can, of course, but what if you have a baby around. Many parents wonder, can I wear nail polish around my baby? The answer is yes, but make sure you use the one that is safe for babies because the regular one is loaded with chemicals. At … Read more

Breast Milk in the Eye for Blocked Tear Ducts

Breast Milk In The Eye For Blocked Tear Ducts

Breast milk in the eye for blocked tear ducts can be really helpful. Try to put a drop or two of breast milk right into the inner corner of your infant’s eye while they’re closed.  The milk will fall into the eyes as soon as the infant opens his or her eyes, and it will … Read more

Should Newborns Sleep in a Dark Room?

Should Newborns Sleep In A Dark Room?

The darker the room, the less stimulation your child will experience. Thus, the better sleep the baby will get. So, should newborns sleep in a dark room? They should.   As a result, the infant will calm down and become more relaxed. The darkroom will remind the child it’s time to sleep and get rest.  Darkening … Read more

How Close Should a Humidifier Be to a Baby?

How Close Should A Humidifier Be To A Baby?

The correct answer is not closer than three feet. However, if you have a baby who’s taking in water through the nose and mouth, you’ll likely need to move it further away for comfort purposes. Make sure the mist nozzle of the humidifier points in the same direction as the spot you want to humidify … Read more

Are Flea Bombs Safe For Babies?

Are Flea Bombs Safe For Babies

Flea Bombs can be safe but with a measure of precaution.  You may be wondering, are flea bombs safe for babies? The good news is that they’re usually safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions carefully and avoid inhaling the insecticide mist.  It is always a priority to make sure that babies … Read more