When Can You Use Bath Products on a Baby?

When Can You Use Bath Products On A Baby?

If you have a newborn, only use plain water when bathing. Therefore, when can you use bath products on a baby? You can start using it around 4 to 6 weeks of the baby’s life. And, make sure you use unperfumed baby products in a small amount, not to damage toddlers’ sensitive skin.  If your … Read more

When Can I Use a Bubble Bath on My Baby?

When Can I Use A Bubble Bath On My Baby?

To be precise many pediatricians and experts are against giving the baby a bubble bath, so when can I use a bubble bath on my baby? It’s recommended after it turns three years old. If you wonder why it is probably because of a higher chance of getting a UTI or urinary tract infection that … Read more

Why Do Babies Hump Things?

Why Do Babies Hump Things?

Humping things at the toddler’s stage is normal. Night-time erections happen, and even though many kids are not experiencing it, it is a normal thing if your child does it. Also, babies can do other things besides humping, like touching and even pulling their genitalia as part of their natural body reaction. They are discovering … Read more

Baby Suddenly Hates Bath 3 Months

Baby Suddenly Hates Bath 3 Months

If you are a parent and you have a baby suddenly hates bath 3 months old, this is not a rare case. Even though the baby loved bathing before, now he or she doesn’t. That’s because the baby is becoming aware of its environment. At this stage, the baby’s awareness is higher thus they might … Read more

Baby Not Reaching for Toys at 4 Months

Baby Not Reaching For Toys At 4 Months

Your infant should start reaching for objects around the fifth month of its life. But remember this is not strict! Some babies can do this at an earlier stage, even around the third month. Parents can notice that babies are reaching for certain objects, toys, and even their mama and dada.  So, a baby not … Read more

When Can You Put Nail Polish on a Baby?

When Can You Put Nail Polish On A Baby?

There is no exact time on when can you put nail polish on a baby? But, when the baby stops putting its hands and fingers inside its mouth, you can consider using nail polish.  When it comes to the toenails, it is less likely that the baby will put them in its mouth after 8 … Read more