Baby Poop Smells Like Alcohol

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Medical professionals don’t quite agree that baby poop smells like alcohol. On the other hand, some parents claimed that the smell of alcohol was spread from the baby’s diapers. However, the cause of this phenomenon can be different.

Mothers who breastfeed their babies must take care of their diet. The food they eat must be lighter and not spicy because everything the mother eats has an impact on the milk she feeds her baby. Therefore, the baby can end up with the bad smell of poop, have cramps, and even have digestive problems with its small stomach.

When a baby is fed artificial, adapted milk, the stool may have a slightly stronger odor because the food stays in the digestive tract longer. Parents also claimed that they told pediatricians that the baby poop smells like alcohol when the baby’s first tooth falls out, but this has not been medically proven.

There is a possibility that if the mother breastfeeds the baby and drinks some medications, the baby’s poop will smell like alcohol, in fact, that smell associates the parents with alcohol.

A change in food can also have an effect on the baby’s poop. When you give your baby solid food or porridge for the first time, there may be problems with bloating and a stronger smell of the infant’s stool.

All of these problems are mild in nature and simply taking some probiotics will probably solve this digestive issue your baby is having. If your baby persistently has stomach problems such as bloating, frequent farting, a strong and unpleasant smell of poop, as well as frequent and extensive poop, be sure to contact your pediatrician.

So, parents don’t worry, it’s usually normal if your baby’s poop sometimes smells strong. It’s also normal that while you cuddle and play with your little one, you might receive a greeting in the form of a strong fart. 

Why does my baby’s poop smell fermented?

Your baby’s stool may have a mild smell of fermented milk. When parents feed their baby on a bottle of formula, that milk stays in your baby’s intestines longer. It takes more time for the intestines to digest such milk. Then there may be a slight fermentation and the baby’s poop may have such a smell.

Sometimes it takes time until you find the milk that suits your baby. Not all formulas are the same because some types will suit your baby just right, some will cause stomach problems.

When it comes to breast milk, it’s totally different. Breast milk passes quickly through the intestines and the baby digests it more easily. If in the situation that any type of change happens it can affect the smell of poop and your baby’s digestive tract.

Your little one can even have some allergies to a certain type of milk. This happens when your baby is having a really hard time digesting food, and the smell of poop is constantly bad.

This means that your baby is allergic to, say, cow’s milk or some other type of milk. The symptoms are milder in the form of mild cramps and rashes, but if you do not change the milk, the condition can get worse. 

This is different in relation to lactose intolerance, which causes stronger reactions and requires mandatory medical treatment. It is necessary to give the baby some alternative milk without lactose, all in consultation with the doctor. In all these cases, the smell of baby poop is stronger and the shape and color of poop are different. 

In the end, when your baby switches to solid foods, the smell, and shape of the poop will be firmer and smell even stronger than usual. If in any of the above cases a poop smells like fermented, it can be completely normal. But if the smell appears for several days, a consultation with a doctor is needed.

When should I worry about baby poop smell?

There are certain indications of the color, the smell, and the shape of the baby’s poop. If baby poop smells like alcohol, with other indicators, parents should get professional advice.

When the baby has a strong, smelly, green poop, it is an indicator that the baby is not getting enough fat and rich milk. This usually happens when you feed your baby faster, and when the baby is greedy. 

The next reason is that the mother eats a lot of green food that is transmitted to the baby through milk. Sensitivity to dairy products that the mother consumes can be another reason. Following a mild diet, parents can find out which food the baby is reacting to. 

If your little one has smelly whitish color poop, it can mean problems with indigestion, or liver problems. Red or pale red, smell, mucus poop can mean some inflammation, bacteria, or virus in the baby’s stomach. At this point, baby poop has a bad smell, is watery, and is often accompanied by fever and diarrhea. 

You need to take your baby to the doctor immediately, where he will be provided with appropriate medical care. All these problems with green, smelly, and fragrant poop accompanied by temperature are easy to solve, but if they are persistent, you should seek the advice of a pediatrician.

Why does my Baby’s Stool smell like vinegar?

This can happen when you are introducing or changing the baby’s food. It is enough to give your baby another type of milk and the poop can change the smell. The feces itself has an unpleasant odor because food is decomposed in the intestines.

If proteins are not broken down in the stomach, ammonia can be formed in the intestines, then an unpleasant strong smell of baby poop can occur. It also happens that the baby’s fart has a very strong and unpleasant smell, which can also be the result of changing the baby’s food. 

Various bacteria decompose food in the intestines, and various compounds are created, so it is possible that the smell of vinegar appears in the baby’s poop. Sometimes it is enough to just find the right milk, which suits your baby, sometimes it is enough for the breastfeeding mother to take care of her diet.

But if the bad smell of the baby’s poop constantly occurs, it is necessary to see a doctor. A baby can have bigger problems if the smell, appearance, and color of the poop are bad. Surely in these cases, your baby will be irritable and in a bad mood. The advice of a doctor and medical care will surely make your baby happy and healthy again.


Babies go through a lot of things when they are at their earliest stage. They are changing and adapting to the new world constantly. When it comes to digesting the food, it takes a bit more time than parents probably expected. 

Sometimes babies are bottle-fed, sometimes they are breastfed.  In most cases, infants can have a bad odor of their poop, especially if they are being bottle-fed. And, it’s not unusual if baby poop smells like alcohol. 

This is probably because the milk that the mother is giving, is not soothing the baby. So, try to find a different formula and get the one that suits your baby the best. If a baby is breastfeeding, the mother should try to change her diet.

Maybe something that a mother eats on a daily basis is not soothing the baby’s stomach. In these situations, mothers should try to find out what it is, and make dietary changes.  

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