Best Jumpshot for Stretch Big 2K17: Unlocking Your Shooting Potential

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best jumpshot for stretch big 2k17Best Jumpshot for Stretch Big 2K17

Are you looking for the best jumpshot for your stretch big in NBA 2K17? Well, look no further! As an expert in the game, I’ve tested various combinations and analyzed player feedback to find the ultimate jumpshot that will elevate your shooting game to new heights. Whether you’re dominating the paint or stretching defenses with your outside shooting, this guide will help you find the perfect jumpshot for your playstyle.

In NBA 2K17, finding a jumpshot that suits your stretch big build is crucial for maximizing your scoring potential. With a focus on long-range shooting and versatility on offense, a well-timed release can make all the difference. After hours of gameplay and experimentation, I’ve narrowed down several top-performing jumpshots that have consistently delivered excellent results for stretch big players.

From quick releases to smooth motions, these recommended jumpshots offer a combination of speed and accuracy that will keep defenders guessing. Whether you prefer catch-and-shoot opportunities or creating shots off the dribble, there’s a jumpshot here that’s sure to fit your style of play. So get ready to step onto the virtual court with confidence as we explore some of the best jumpshots for stretch big builds in NBA 2K17.

Remember, mastering a specific jumpshot requires practice and familiarity. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to get used to a new release timing. Keep honing your skills on the court and soon enough, you’ll be draining three-pointers like a pro. Now let’s dive into our top picks and start elevating your shooting game in NBA 2K17!

Understanding the Stretch Big Archetype

Let’s dive into the intricacies of the Stretch Big archetype in 2K17. As a player, I’m sure you’re familiar with the various archetypes available in the game, each offering its unique playstyle and strengths. The Stretch Big is no exception.

The Stretch Big archetype focuses on long-range shooting and floor spacing. If you enjoy raining down threes from beyond the arc, this is the perfect choice for you. This build allows you to stretch the defense and create opportunities for your teammates by forcing opponents to guard you closely even from deep range.

One of the key advantages of playing as a Stretch Big is your ability to pull opposing big men out of their comfort zones. By positioning yourself near or beyond the three-point line, you force traditional centers to step away from the basket, opening up driving lanes for your guards and creating mismatches in favor of your team.

Another important aspect of being a successful Stretch Big is mastering shot timing and release mechanics. Since shooting is your primary strength, it’s crucial to develop consistency in executing your jumpshot properly. Experimenting with different releases and finding one that suits your style can greatly enhance your effectiveness on offense.

To maximize your impact as a Stretch Big, it’s essential to communicate effectively with your teammates. Let them know when you’re open or set screens to create scoring opportunities for them. Additionally, understanding defensive rotations will help you provide timely help defense when needed while still maintaining proper positioning on offense.

In conclusion, playing as a Stretch Big requires finesse and skill but rewards players who can knock down shots consistently while stretching opposing defenses thin. With proper communication and understanding of defensive responsibilities, this archetype can be a game-changer on both ends of the court.

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