Are Babies Afraid Of The Dark?

Are Babies Afraid Of The Dark

No, babies younger than 2 years old, do not have the fear of the dark. In some cases, it is not long after we walk into the youngster’s room that they begin to cry. This is common when sleep training is starting. You can interpret this as a short-term sign that they are starting to … Read more

Do Baby Teeth Bleed When They Come Out?

Do Baby Teeth Bleed When They Come Out

Your baby’s teeth are coming, and you notice a bit of blood on their gums. So, it’s pretty normal to wonder, do baby teeth bleed when they come out? Yes, but only in a minimal amount.  Their sensitive gums are irritated and minor bleeding can happen when baby teeth are coming out.  At this point, … Read more

Do Babies Pull Their Hair When Teething?

Do Babies Pull Their Hair When Teething

Babies tend to do a lot of things when the period of teething comes. So, do babies pull their hair when teething? Yes, they often do that. Infants while they are teething also have a tendency to bite as their gums feel tender. This is normal behavior at this stage not only when they are … Read more

Baby Ear Piercing Without Vaccinations

baby ear piercing without vaccinations

Probably the best time for an infant to have their ears pierced is at 2 months, which aligns with the first set of vaccinations, where the tetanus shot is also included. While that’s a comforting precaution, even if you did the baby ear piercing without vaccinations, there is a very low probability that a baby … Read more

How Long Does Baby Ear Piercing Take to Heal?

how long does baby ear piercing take to heal

A pierced earlobe should heal after about six weeks. The parents must follow the aftercare instructions given at the time the piercing takes place. The important thing to remember is to make sure you wash your hands before you touch your baby’s starter earrings or ears. The baby may have a few bumps, but after … Read more

How Long Do Babies’ Ears Hurt After Piercing?

how long do babies ears hurt after piercing

Within two to three days, the pain usually disappears. Baby’s older than 5 or 6 months of age, however, may seem to feel pain in a particular area. There is a greater chance that they will tug and pull at the earrings. Infant ear piercing can bring pain for a few days. If post-piercing pain … Read more