When Does Baby’s Nose Fully Develop

When Does Baby’s Nose Fully Develop

When we talk about a baby’s nose, parents also ask when does baby’s nose fully develop? Your baby’s nose starts to grow in the mother’s womb in the fifth week after conception, while in the seventh week of pregnancy, nasal pits, cartilage, and nasal bones are formed and continue to develop throughout the pregnancy period. … Read more

Tape a Coin Over the Belly Button

Tape A Coin Over The Belly Button

This is one of the most popular myths about how to fix the umbilical hernia. But is it even a myth? Many people in the past tried to tape a coin over the belly button of a baby and prevent it from poking out.  Many people claim that this thing actually worked, and the baby’s … Read more

Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

To reshape belly button without surgery can’t always bring the wanted results. But, there is a thing you can try, and that’s the massage. Also, many people tried to tape a coin over the belly, but this strongly advises not to do so. Another and more secure way you can reshape belly button is by … Read more

How to Prevent an Outie Belly Button in a Newborn

How To Prevent An Outie Belly Button In A Newborn

It’s important to try to avoid any infection or even irritation of the baby’s belly button. Parents should keep the baby dry and clean until it falls off on its own.  This might be the answer to how to prevent an outie belly button in a newborn.  Don’t shower the baby for too long, and … Read more

Baby’s Belly Button Not Closed

Baby's Belly Button Not Closed

Baby’s belly button not closed? No need for worrying. Yes, this can happen but it’s nothing dangerous if the baby care is approached properly.  This is due to umbilical cord granuloma that occurs ten to twelve days after the birth of your little one. After some time has passed, the cord will fall off by … Read more

When Should I Be Concerned About an Umbilical Hernia

When Should I Be Concerned About An Umbilical Hernia

You should be concerned if some big changes happen, and you can see that those changes influence the baby’s health. When babies have an umbilical hernia, it is a rare case that babies need surgery.  They are almost always naturally gone by the child’s second birthday. However, if you see that your baby still has … Read more