Can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo?

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Can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo? 2 months is a little early for a baby to sit in the Bumbo Floor Seat. Thus the recommended period is between 3 and 12 months

What is actually the Bumbo Floor Seat?

It’s something that looks like a potty but it is meant for other purposes. 

Infants who cannot sit up by themselves should use the Bumbo Floor Seat. This type of chair, let’s call it like that, is designed to support babies back because, at that stage of life, they are still unable to sit by themselves.

Can a 2 month old sit up?

Two months can pass in a blink of an eye, and now you are wondering…Can my 2 month old baby sit up already? The answer is yes and now, so it may vary. Just like the previous question, can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo?

Babies grow up so fast. Maybe the parents don’t see it but they know it.

Usually, babies have their own pace of development. But, in a newborn’s life, there are some guidelines parents like to follow, just to make sure their baby is developing properly.

When your baby turns 2 months, at this period it should slowly start to lift up its head. What is also characteristic of this stage is that babies are likely to push up from the bed with their own little hands, while lifting up the head.

Staying in that position, in the beginning, might be difficult, but after some time, until the 3rd month, babies should firmly hold their heads. 

When it comes to sitting, the above-mentioned aim of holding the head is the first sign of your baby firming its body. Baby’s head must be stable without the support and their upper body muscles must be strong enough for them to sit on their own.

When a baby accomplishes that, then you can start using the Bumbo. Hence, you can place your baby in the Bumbo Floor Seat as soon as they can hold their head up. Therefore, can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo? As long as your baby can keep its head up, you are good to go.

Are Bumbo seats safe?

Unfortunately no, they are not the safest baby products in the market. Nonetheless, they are proven to be a bit dangerous.

How so?

While the baby is sitting and looking comfortable while doing such a new activity, it would be only a second before a baby makes a move and falls over. So, instead of asking can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo? It is better to ask, is it a bumbo seat safe for a 2-month-old baby?

These actions happen unconsciously because the child is still small. It can be a random turn, movement, or a little dance due to heard music or similar.

This kind of thing can be very serious because babies are still small and any movement beyond their capabilities can do harm. Injuries can be crucial for babies if they climb out and fall, topple or tumble from raised surfaces.

Unforentaly, unsafe use is not prevented by warning labels. Once again, the Bumbo is proven to be an unsafe baby product, thus try to avoid using it.

Why are Bumbo seats being recalled?

The Bumbo floor seats were officially recalled. It has been announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) due to a growing number of reports of serious injuries to infants.

It was announced by the CPSC that the seats, manufactured by Bumbo International, are being voluntarily recalled because babies are at risk of falling out or being injured while using the chair.

Is it bad for babies to sit up too early?

Using the type of chair too early might cause some damage to the child’s development. So, rather than asking can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo? We should ask, can any baby at any age sit in a bumbo?

The Bumbo chair is designed from molded material, that is following the body structure of the baby and giving it support while sitting. Even so, they are not so secure. Especially if your child is put in the chair too early or even too long, it may cause some problems in the baby’s development skills.

Is it bad to sit a baby up at 3 months?

Yes, it is a bit too early for a baby of 3 months to sit. This should not be done for the very reason that the baby’s bones have not yet developed to such a level that they can bend into a sitting position without any problems. This also applies to the following question,

Though, babies can be in similar positions while it is held by the parents and have secure back support. There is also a beneficial side to this. Baby’s can’t roll nor twist or do much else when they’re prematurely sitting up.

A baby, if placed in this position before its capable of doing so independently, is usually unable to get out of it without falling. This has detrimental effects on a baby’s sense of security and physical well-being.


In the last few decades, Bumbo Baby Floor Seats have been a real blast. 

How can they not?

They were made for your child perfectly to help them sit better, earlier, plus without parental support. What’s even better is that the baby can use this, even before they are capable of sitting by themselves.

As soon as babies are able to hold their heads up and push up with their little hands while lying on the stomach, you are good to go. This is the first indicator that your baby can use its first little chair.

But, it is not as bright as it sounds.

A lot of bad things can happen while using the Bumbo. Then, can a 2-month-old baby sit in a bumbo? Well, it should not. Unfortunately, while using it, the baby’s safety is not on the top level. It is not rare that a baby can roll over and injure themselves while sitting on it.

Because of the baby’s undeveloped physical structure, the baby’s development can be interfered with and it can lead to serious problems. 

That’s why these little chairs were soon recalled. Yet these Bumbo seats can still be found. 

With a warranty, precautions, and at your own risk, you can still purchase the Bumbo Baby Floor Seats. 

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