Can A Baby Sleep On My Chest If I Am Awake

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Can A Baby Sleep On My Chest If I Am Awake

If you wonder can a baby sleep on my chest if I am awake, we have a nice desirable answer for you. Yes, your baby can sleep on your chest as long as you are awake. However, always be aware that you can’t sleep at the same time. We know it’s tempting since parents are usually tired because of their babies’ night activities, but it’s for the sake of the child. 

The silence and the baby on the chest can have a calming effect on both the baby and the parent so we understand if you want to close your eyes for a few minutes. However, you need to stay awake and monitor your newborn so we are sure that there is no danger of suffocation.

It is not good for a baby to fall asleep on the stomach either, on your chest or in bed. This is because there is a greater chance of choking if the baby moves its head and closes the airways. 

That is why it is best and safest for a baby to sleep in the crib in a safe environment and on its back. If you want to enjoy your baby while on your chest, do not sleep. You can cuddle your baby slowly and calmly while resting, reading the book, or even watching TV but on low volume. 

They need to be turned on their backs and taken care of. This supervision can last up to a year until they learn to turn and keep their heads on their own. That is why it is said that the safest environment for a baby is her crib with raised sides, tight sheets, and a sleeping bag. 

No toys or anything your baby can reach with his hands. To make it easier to monitor your little one, you can even bring a crib to your room and place it next to your bed as well. 

Baby Sleeping on Stomach: When It’s Safe and When It’s Not

Parents often wonder about babies sleeping on their stomachs, when It’s safe and when it’s not. Sleeping on the baby’s stomach is generally not recommended.

But if your newborn falls asleep easiest on the stomach then allow it to fall asleep like that and then gently turn the baby on its back. If you want, you can put the baby to sleep on your chest, but like sleeping on a couch, it must be under your supervision. 

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) typically only happens when the baby is sleeping on his or her stomach. Even then it can even be prevented if parents monitor and make sure that a baby is breathing. This supervision is needed for up to a year, by which time your baby has already strengthened and is able to turn on its side or back when it wants to change position. 

It also has the strength to move its head to any position that suits the baby. From the age of six months, you can start teaching your baby to roll from one side to the other through play. This strengthens its muscles and teaches it to hold its head. This should be done gently and carefully and is valid for healthy babies.

Why does my Baby wake up at night?

Can A Baby Sleep On My Chest If I Am Awake

You need to follow your baby’s rhythm and sleep schedule. It is a biological clock that manages the baby’s sleep, it also depends on the baby’s temperament, and environment.

The infant’s body tells the baby when it’s time for sleep, what time to go to bed, and what time to wake up. Do not change that rhythm, it will make your baby nervous and disturb the sleeping schedule. 

Don’t try to adjust the baby to yourself, you have to adjust to the baby. Follow the schedule when the baby sleeps and wakes up, and try to adapt to its habits. Use a routine before going to bed, like feeding, changing, belching gently, rocking with a song,  and then gently placing the baby into a crib

This routine calms the baby and gives it an indication that it is time to sleep. Before bedtime, turn off any devices that make noise or attract attention.

Don’t worry that if the infant sleeps during the day it won’t sleep at night, because babies need around 14 hours of sleep per day. If they do not get enough sleep during the day, they will get nervous and will sleep badly at night for sure. 

Is it OK to co-sleep with a newborn?

Can A Baby Sleep On My Chest If I Am Awake

It is ok to co-sleep with a newborn in the same room but not in the same bed. Sharing a bed or co-sleeping is not a good idea. It can be very intimate to have a baby next to you to cuddle, however, it can be very dangerous at the same time.

There are a few scenarios that can happen. The baby may turn over and fall off the bed. You may fall asleep and turn around and unconsciously crush the baby. In the infant’s restless sleep, the baby can reach for a blanket or some other object around the bed and place it over its face which will end up blocking the little one’s airways. 

SIDS syndrome is one of the causes of high infant mortality. And that’s why it’s way better to share a room with the baby rather than a bed. You can always get the baby’s crib right next to your bed and thus monitor your baby and even cuddle it. 

A crib with raised sides and a tight sheet without toys and other objects is a safe environment for your newborn. Your baby can also sleep in an infant’s stroller next to your bed, which is another safe option. And so let’s repeat: sharing a bed with a baby is a no-no, sharing a room with your baby is yes.


Sleeping with your baby might be the cutest thing a parent can experience. That’s why parents tend to ask, can a baby sleep on my chest if I am awake? And the answer is yes. As long as you are awake, it’s totally safe for your baby to sleep on your chest. 

The important thing is to monitor your baby during the napping time, no matter where it is placed. As long as you keep an eye on how the baby is sleeping, behaving, and breathing during sleep time, your little one is safe and sound. 

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