Can Babies Be Born With Brown Eyes

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Can Babies Be Born With Brown Eyes

If you are wondering can babies be born with brown eyes the answer is yes. Many parents can’t wait to see the color of their baby’s eyes, relatives are discussing, and you gotta have fun with all those expectations. If you wonder why because human nature can surprise you like no one else.

The baby will be born with the eye color determined by genetics mixed up in the mother’s womb. The color of the eyes depends on a lot of factors, but besides genes, melanin plays a big role. Melanin is a natural pigment that determines the baby’s eye color. 

The color is in fact located in Iris, it’s a ring around a black pupil. What the eyes give color is melanin produced in cells and so the iris that gets the color like that.

If a little melanin enters the iris eyes will be blue, a little more melanin will end up with green, and most melanin ends up with hazelnuts and brown eyes. Melanin will affect both hair color and skin color. 

When the baby is in the mother’s stomach there is not much light. Therefore, babies cannot get a lot of melanin so their eyes are generally brighter.

As they come to light or sunlight in the maternity hospital, the cells begin to secrete more of this pigment, and the baby already begins to change the color of its eyes. 

It is normal for this to happen slowly and it takes from six months to a year for the baby to get the final color of its eyes. It can happen that a child changes its color later than its sixth year, but that is very rare. 

Research has shown that many children are born with brown eyes and that this is not an uncommon situation. We can say that genetics controls how much melanin a baby will get in the mother’s womb. Therefore, mom and dad have the most influence on eye color. 

But don’t be surprised if your baby gets a completely different color than the one you have. Because both parents carry the genetic code of their ancestors.

If a brown-eyed baby is born to a blue-eyed family, then your grandmother or great-grandfather can pass your baby the same brown eyes. All of this should be taken into account and be aware that nothing is 100% sure.

Can babies’ eyes be brown when born?

Can Babies Be Born With Brown Eyes

Of course, that baby can be born with brown eyes. Some babies have lighter eyes when born, like blue or gray, but many of them have brown eyes from the start. Baby’s irises will change color as the melanocytes respond to light while secreting melanin.

Babies are born with blue eyes because they have yet to produce pigment which causes the eye color to become its true hue, but babies can be born with brown eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, or hazel eyes as well.

After a few months, the melanocytes begin producing enough melanin for the baby’s irises to change color. Babies who are born with blue or grayish-blue irises might even develop brown eyes by six months old. 

What are the chances of a baby having brown eyes?

Can babies be born with brown eyes? Yes, they can. And what are the chances? Well, if both parents have brown eyes, there is 75% that the baby will have brown as well. However, there is 18.8% of getting green eyes and only a 6,3% chance of inheriting blue eyes. 

Another situation is when one parent has blue and the other has brown eyes. In this case, there is a 50% chance for the baby to have brown and a 50% chance to inherit blue eyes.

When it comes to the combination of brown and green-eyed parents, the chances are next. 50% that the baby will get brown eyes, 37.5% chances that the baby will get green eye color, and 12.5% chances for an infant to have blue eyes. 

Eye color prediction is not as simple as looking at the parents’ eyes. It is much more complicated than that. Whether your infant has blue or brown eyes, it involves a complex game of genetic roulette.

Can a baby born with brown eyes change color?

Can Babies Be Born With Brown Eyes

We can’t really say yes it will for sure, or no it will not change the original color. It is really and only up to genetics to play this part.

So, we can assume that if you gave birth to a brown-eyed baby, that means that baby has a certain level of melanin determined by genetic code, therefore the chances for changing the eye color are very low.

What is the rarest eye color?

The rarest eye color is green. Only 2% of people have green eyes and the highest concentration is in Northern and Central Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Denmark) but they can also be found in other countries as well.

The most common eye colors or the least rare eye colors are hazel/light brown, dark brown, and black. The blue eye color comes to the third place of most rare color while green is the rarest of them all. 

So, next time you want to ask a question, can babies be born with brown eyes, be aware that these types of eyes are the most common color in the whole world. 


Eye color, the texture of the little one’s hair, the width of one’s nose, the lack of hair after the birth. All these questions pop up in parents’ minds all the time, even before the baby is actually born. 

Particularly, the one for brown eyes happens to be very common. Can babies be born with brown eyes? Since brown eyes are the most common ones, be sure that a lot of babies are born with this eye color.

When we talk about the color of a baby’s eye, many parents are thinking about their own color and assuming that the baby will inherit the same. But genetics is much more complex than that.

Your baby can be born totally different from what you‘ve expected. So, the best thing to do is not to expect anything and just aim for a healthy and happy baby. 

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