Can Babies Feel the Temperature in the Womb

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Can Babies Feel the Temperature in the Womb

Babies cannot feel the temperature in the womb. A fetus can’t feel the temperature changes from the outside world while in the mother’s utero! But it is still important that mothers take care to maintain a healthy environment.

The baby relies on its mother for an optimal temperature and broader resources than they could access inside of her. For example, babies rely on moms to provide them with necessities such as essential fatty acids and nutrients such as zinc. 

Furthermore, exposure to pollutants can enter through mommy’s bloodstream and affect your unborn baby so it’s important the mother sticks to a clean lifestyle during pregnancy.

Can babies feel the temperature in the womb? Not really, but other senses are developed for sure. However, it is important to note that they only begin their journey with a very basic sense of touch, which includes feeling pain or pleasure. 

Can babies get a cold in the womb?

When a pregnant woman has a cold it is the same as any other cold. It does not affect the baby as long as it is under control. A common cold, that happens to all of us, is certainly not going to affect the mother and the fetus as well. 

There are many theories about why babies can’t get colds in the womb. The most common one is that mothers provide antibodies to their children, acting as a natural form of protection. Because the baby’s organs aren’t fully developed yet, they rely on mom for everything. 

There are also different hormonal changes occurring in momma during pregnancy changing hormones like estrogen and progesterone which act as protective barriers to help fight off illness. 

It’s only after the baby is born to do these protective barriers go away which means if the baby catches something, he or she runs the risk of getting much sicker than an older sibling because his/her immune system isn’t fully developed yet.

Can babies get too warm in the womb?

Can Babies Feel the Temperature in the Womb

The normal body temperature can’t harm the baby nor the baby will be too hot in the womb. However, if the mother has a temperature above 102°F (38.9°C) longer than 10 minutes it can develop some problems.

If overheating happens in the first trimester it can lead even to miscarriage, or to neural tube defects. As pregnancy prolongs, and if the temperature occurs, dehydration can happen.

A woman’s body is equipped with reflexive responses to keep the womb at a comfortable temperature for both you and your baby. But in addition, when your muscles are relaxed in order to conserve energy, the uterus’s circulatory system may be incapable of moving blood flow out from the core towards the surface.

In turn, this could contribute to overheating, dehydration, and accumulation of metabolic wastes that produce discomfort or pain you might not have felt if your core wasn’t so warm.

In order to avoid these conditions from forming you’ll need to drink plenty of fluids and maintain a regular blood glucose level through a balanced diet. Not just milk or dairy intake but fruits, green vegetables, and starchy foods too.

Do babies feel temperature change?

When compared to adults, babies can’t adjust to temperature changes but they feel the change. Infants lose heat almost four times faster than adults.

This especially refers to premature babies or the ones that are low-birthweight. They don’t have much fat so their bodies are not able to control their own temperature. This both refers to cold and warm environments.

Babies can feel the temperature change. Their skin sensors are about 10 times more sensitive than adults, so they will definitely feel the heat go down. The best way to keep your baby comfortable during winter is by bundling them up in warm clothes and draping them with a blanket that dangles over their feet to keep them warm. 

It’s also very crucial for babies to stay hydrated and well-nourished during the harsh winter season since they excrete less fluid due to lack of sweating.

So, babies can change their body temperature after birth for sure, but can babies feel the temperature in the womb? Not really.

Can a baby feel when I rub my belly?

Can Babies Feel the Temperature in the Womb

If the lady is less than 4 months away, the baby can’t feel the touch. However, when the mother enters the second trimester, your little one will start feeling the strokes on your tummy. 

If you want to feel your baby kick, you can try to rub your belly gently, or gently push and stroke the area. Soon enough, your unborn baby should respond to this by kicking or curling up.


When a woman is pregnant the most important thing is to keep the baby and the mother safe and healthy. Therefore, a lot of questions arise here. Many mothers are actually worried if the environment can influence the baby’s development. While some things can affect the infant, some are totally irrelevant.

Therefore the question, can babies feel the temperature in the womb, has been asked a lot of times. And the answer is no. While your little one can feel the touch and hear the sounds, the temperature does not affect the baby. 

While it’s still in your tummy, the baby will be safely tucked in without getting cold. However, after birth, the baby’s body temperature can’t adjust as easily as adults, so they need to be properly warmed up. 

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