Can I Lay in the Crib With My Baby

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Can I Lay in the Crib With My Baby

In order to prevent any risk of sudden infant death syndrome, it is not recommended for a parent to sleep with its baby in the crib or in the parents’ bed.

Infants should have their own crib or basket where they will sleep, with a firm mattress and no blankets or stuffed animals or any kind of firm items in general. Therefore, can I lay in the crib with my baby? Yes, but do not go to sleep throughout the whole night in the crib. 

Many parents who have difficulty falling asleep will try to induce or trick themselves into falling asleep next to their little ones. Knowing the benefits of sleep and the negative consequences of not getting enough sleep, these parents might be tempted to attempt a self-induce nap in their child’s crib, thinking that it is safe because they can just always resettle them in their bed when they wake up.

However, we do not recommend doing this. Cribs are not designed to provide maternal stability and by laying on your back you may roll over onto either side which would increase the risk of suffocation.

Laying in your child’s crib is something that only breaks the rules of fair quality parent-infant sleep. It increases the chances of sudden death syndrome, babies are more likely to end up with their face buried near the mattress, and it can disrupt circadian rhythms.

However, numerous scientists have studied the issue in-depth with mixed findings. But, many doctors discourage it due to the added stress on your back from being in an awkward position for so long–particularly when you need to get out quickly from the crib.

But, when they cry or whimper at night, they’re not too far away and can still smell you which provides comfort. 

Babies might sleep better and longer alongside their parents! Parents that do (lay down) comfortably report that they feel more connected to the baby through touch while checking on them intermittently throughout the night.

Even though it is a great thing when it comes to intimacy and making your infant fall asleep faster if he or she wakes up, it’s a bad idea overall because it increases the risk of SIDS. And that is something we never want to take risk of. 

Can adults sleep in a baby crib?

Despite the benefits of co-sleeping with your little one, adults shouldn’t sleep in infants’ cribs. For adults, cribs tend to be small and incapable of supporting their own weight.

Some parents really love cuddling with their baby which is perfectly fine as long as it’s not sleeping through the night because it’s not safe neither for the parent or the baby. 

The adult bed is typically at just the right height for anyone who sleeps in it to be able to use their arms and legs without bending or stretching excessively.

The low position of a baby crib makes using your arms and legs uncomfortable because you have to bend or stretch too much, so an adult climbing into this will be pushing their limits on comfort. 

Think about the average person reading this…which scenario do they notice would feel more comfortable? Sleeping with an elbow outstretched all night? Or sleeping with both hands under their head? Of course, sleeping with two stretched-out arms feels better than one elbow extending! 

It is also not recommended to place your infant alone in the adult bed either. Avoid putting the baby down on soft surfaces like soft sofa, mattresses, or even waterbeds.

Can I get in my toddlers crib?

Can I Lay in the Crib With My Baby

You can get in your child’s crib but don’t stay all night. It’s nice and cute for cuddling and maybe making your baby fall asleep but not staying throughout the whole night. As we already mentioned, cribs are not designed for grown-ups, they are made for little ones, for their bodies and weights, needs, and comfort. 

This question is very similar to our main one, can I lay in the crib with my baby? And you already know the answers, as long as it’s not sleeping through the night things, it’s okay. However, even in those situations, when you put the baby to sleep, the baby can get used to a parent in the crib and it might cause difficulties when it comes to leaving the bed.

It’s a good idea to keep your child in the crib until he or she turns three. It is beneficial to wait until this age to teach your child healthy sleeping habits.

Should I lock my toddler’s door at night?

It is not a good idea to lock your baby’s door at night.  After transitioning to a toddler bed, it might be tempting to lock your toddler up at night. But, you should not do it. Many types of research have proved that there are psychological effects and behavioral outcomes associated with locking a child up in their room. 

It can’t be denied that locks are necessary for keeping children safe in our world today, but many experts nowadays believe that, by preventing toddlers from exploring the world outside of their room or bedroom at night, they are robbing them of an important developmental opportunity.

This may seem counterintuitive when it comes to safeguarding them in an unsafe environment, but in reality, children learn about hazards in the home by developing a personal knowledge of these hazards through exploration and experimentation. This is how they begin to understand what not to touch or put into their mouth without risking harm.

When do babies stop sleeping in cribs?

Can I Lay in the Crib With My Baby

It really depends on the child itself. Most kids sleep in cribs from 18 months old until they are 3 years old or 4 years old since that is the average age when a toddler outgrows their crib, but some will still be happy in a crib past those ages as well.

Kids make this decision for themselves believe it or not, and it doesn’t matter how big they are or what year it is. They just won’t stay in there anymore and you can try to force them if you want but it usually leads to a battle royale every single night.

This transition does not need any rules – your child decides what feels right at their own pace without being pushed by anyone else’s timeline or expectations.


We can’t deny that sleeping with the baby is one of the cutest and most intimate things when it comes to parent-baby relationships. And, overall it’s pretty convenient because if the baby wakes up you can just put it back to bed without getting up and walking to the crib. 

However, many parents are skeptical for a reason. So, they tend to ask can I lay in the crib with my baby? And we can’t really forbid you but we can advise you. It’s not recommended, for many reasons. 

First, it’s okay to lay down for a few minutes, with cuddles, hugs, and kisses. But staying throughout the night is not recommended because of the comfort of both the baby and the parents, and the high risk of SIDS. 

In order not to put anyone at any risk, it’s best to leave your child in its own crib without any firm items, stuffed animals, and blankets that can cover and block the baby’s airways. 

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