Can you use Vaseline for Diaper Rash?

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Can you use Vaseline for Diaper Rash?

Newborn babies have profoundly fragile skin, which needs extra care and attention when dealing with them. You may notice that their skin tone turns dry from time to time, mostly on their bottom. It is always advisable to speak to your physician on recommendable ways to manage dry skins at home. Vaseline jelly has worked as a remedy for many as it solves almost all the related problems.

Dry, flaky skin is a mutually shared trait in newborns. Adjusting to the new environment with this delicate skin for newborns can be quite devastating. Their skin can easily be provoked by the weather, soaps, and contents of their diaper. All this will eventually lead to diaper rash.

If you are in a dilemma on what to do whenever you witness a diaper rash, here are some key tips that may be of importance to you. These tips would be of great importance even as they grow past the newborn stage.

How to Care for Baby’s Skin

1. Dry Skin Solution

  • When Bathing– If your baby has cleaving skin, you will find it a routine to bathe them mainly to hydrate their skin. Nevertheless, bathing them will dry their skin. Many pediatricians advise that caregivers should wash children three times a week. It is recommended because you will be cleaning around the diaper area regularly as you change the diapers. If your child were recently born, physicians would advise you to bathe them with plain water because soap might end up irritating the newborn. 
  • Moisturize the Skin– At any age, dry skin needs to be moisturized. A baby’s skin needs to be moisturized due to its delicate nature. Nonetheless, some moisturizing techniques and moisturizers can be severe to a baby’s skin, and therefore it is your ultimate responsibility to be wise in finding the perfect one.
Can you use Vaseline for Diaper Rash?

2. Soothing a Diaper Rash

  • What are the Causes- Various factors are responsible for rash in newborns. Some of these factors include; constant unprotecting from dirty diapers, friction from a tight diaper. Diaper rash makes a baby’s skin red, and it will keep on irritating them.
  • Prevention – You can help your baby’s health by preventing the cause of a rash on their in their skin. Constantly change the diaper and ensure your baby is tidy at all times.

Wipe the diaper area whenever you’re changing it by using either cotton balls or warm water, wipes that are gentle and that don’t have alcohol and fragrance in them.

Tap the area until it becomes dry, then now apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly. Vaseline jelly helps prevent irritation from the baby’s bottom. A clean diaper should be put on and ensure that it is not tight since air needs to flow. By doing so, you are done.

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