Craving greasy food during pregnancy

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There are many reasons to try to resist craving greasy food during pregnancy. You may be avoiding it because you need to restrict yourself from unhealthy foods, or you might be trying to keep your cholesterol levels in check. So why are so many women actually craving greasy food during pregnancy?

This is all due to the pregnancy hormones that are changing the smell and the taste of the food. While something might be irresistible to eat, other things may make you sick. 

When it comes to cravings, pregnant ladies usually have a tendency to eat sour food, salty, sugary, and even fatty foods. Plus, being pregnant means eating for two, so, no wonder why you want to eat everything on the table. 

Greasy food is high in fat and calories, meaning that it can lead to weight gain if eaten on a regular basis. This can cause complications during and after childbirth, such as swelling of the breast tissue, excessive bleeding, or prolonged labor.

It also makes it harder for your baby to digest milk which he/she will need in order to grow properly. Further studies have shown that high levels of saturated fat put women at risk for heart disease later on in life as well.

So, be careful when pleasing your cravings.

What does craving greasy food mean?

It means that you have a slower production of certain hormones that regulate hunger and fullness during pregnancy. One of the most common cravings is for fatty and fried foods, such as pizza, ice cream, scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage, and french fries.

Pregnant women also crave greasy food for psychological reasons. Everyone wants something more when we can’t have it, including pregnant ladies. Therefore, if in pregnancy, mothers eat a lot of healthy and low-calorie obesogenic foods, perhaps they will be more inclined to seek out foods with higher fat content. Hands down for future mothers because craving greasy food during pregnancy is not easy at all!

But, there are few reasons why this type of craving is not advisable. For starters, greasy food isn’t a healthy choice for anyone in general. It’s especially hazardous during pregnancy when it’s more important than ever not to eat any foods that might contain bacteria or lead to infection–which is all too common in greasy food.

Can you eat greasy foods while pregnant?

The quick answer is yes, but there’s more to it than that.

It is safe to eat greasy and cheesy foods while pregnant. As long as you’re eating an otherwise healthy diet – which includes plenty of vegetables and protein – then it won’t be harmful to your baby-to-be. Also, this decision depends on a number of factors, including how far you are into your pregnancy and whether the fat in the dish is healthy.

This type of “craving greasy food during pregnancy” can be difficult but everything is allowed in moderation. While leading the pregnancy try to avoid food high in fat and calories. Usually, these types of foods are difficult to digest and might cause stomach pains. 

What’s been recommended is to eat some dry-starch food, like pretzels, crackers, and toast, especially when you get out of bed. Furthermore, digesting the food in the morning can be difficult. To help you with this process, try to stay in bed for an additional 15 to 30 minutes after you finish your meal. When you want to get up, don’t rush, get up slowly without any sudden moves so you can avoid queasiness. 

If we take into consideration the thoughts of many people, we can see that the opinions are divided. A lot of people say that you can eat whatever you like when pregnant, others advise against it. As with many such matters, the answer is not black and white.

Is it OK to eat fried food while pregnant?

Yes, you can, same as when it comes to craving greasy food during pregnancy. However, the answer may change depending on a variety of factors, including your own age and activity level.

If you’re pregnant with a healthy child who is not at risk of any health conditions, then pregnancy is a time to indulge in things like fried and greasy food, but not too much, of course. In this context, “healthy” means that your child will be born without heart problems or other complications related to childhood obesity.

However, if you’re pregnant with a baby who has medical conditions such as low birth weight or high blood pressure, then greasy food should be avoided because it can have detrimental effects on the baby’s health.

Furthermore, a new study found that women who eat fried food regularly before pregnancy may be more likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy. So, pay attention to what you eat, even before you conceive a child. 

What happens if you eat oily food during pregnancy?

Babies whose mothers consumed high-calorie food during pregnancy have more allergies and immune diseases, according to new research. When a child is older, a high-fat diet can compromise a baby’s immune system because it damages the liver cells in the fetus.

If you have excess production of what are known as bile acids or cholesterol, then that can interfere with how well your body is able to remove waste from your bloodstream. 

This means that you may be at risk for a condition called preeclampsia — a condition marked by high blood pressure not caused by pregnancy itself but which can also harm the baby if it goes untreated.


Craving greasy food during pregnancy is a totally normal condition. Each and every pregnant lady has it. In this period women have a heightened sense of smell and taste, which can result in eliminating some foods from the diet or on the contrary craving for something special. 

That special is usually something sour, sweet, or full-fat foods. Of course, you are allowed to treat yourself and at times eat something not so healthy. But, due to the sake of you and your unborn baby, try to avoid it. Greasy food will not do any harm if you eat it in moderation, but if you do it constantly, it can lead to health problems. 

Complications can arise during and after childbirth, such as swelling of the breast tissue, excessive bleeding, or even prolonged labor. Constantly eating greasy food can also cause problems for the baby itself. They have more chances of developing immune diseases and different types of allergies.

So, when deciding to eat junky food, think about it. Of course, treat yourself from time to time, but do not exaggerate. Staying healthy is what’s most important for a mother and an upcoming baby.

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