Do Cribs Convert to twin or Full-Sized Beds?

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Do Cribs Convert to twin or Full-Sized Beds?

Yes, it can be difficult and a lot of parents have struggled with the same question. Do cribs convert to twin or full-sized beds? But the answer is easy. Yes it can, if you decide to buy the one that has a convertible feature. 

When you decide to take the step of becoming a parent, there are a lot of beautiful things that come along, but also you have to be ready for some extra expenses. 

A convertible crib is very useful, practical, and convenient. Even though it’s a bit more expensive if we compare it with standard cribs, it’s a long-term solution. 


Well, convertible cribs are full-sized cribs that can easily be turned into twin-sized and full-sized beds. They own an adjustment option that allows you to put the bed in a wanted way. 

Even though they are a bit expensive, as we mentioned before, this is actually a money-saving solution. Instead of spending money each time when buying a new bed for your child, purchase the one that is adaptable and doesn’t have to be changed every year.

The first thing you’ll use is the crib. So, make sure it is built in the right way. Don’t worry, the process is not difficult, and you are probably going to get a user manual when purchasing it.

The cribs are built in a way to keep the child safe while preventing it from climbing out the crib. 

Remember that all convertible cribs possess different instructions, so make sure you follow the given steps carefully for future uses.

How to convert a crib to a full-Sized bed?

If you ask yourself again Do Cribs Convert To Twin Or Full-Sized Beds? We say yes. Their biggest advantage is that they are actually 3 in 1.

The first time you need to disassemble a crib to make a full-toddler bed may sound stagnant, but it’s actually very easy.

The first step of turning into a child’s bed is removing the one side of a convertible crib and then replacing it with a low-safety rail.

As the name says itself this rail is built to keep the child safe from rolling out from the bed. At the same time, they are allowing the child to easily crawl up due to the shorter side of the rail.
Make sure to track each step when building in the full toddler bed. 

The side that can be replaced with the rail is usually the drop-side of the crib. But, in some cases, the rails are secured which means that both sides of the crib can be easily removed.

What’s so great about these cribs is that you don’t have to change the mattresses. It can be very practical plus budget-friendly.

Do Cribs Convert to twin or Full-Sized Beds?

How to Convert a Crib into a Twin-Sized Bed?

Unlike turning a crib into a full bed, turning a crib into a twin bed can be somehow more complicated. So, from the Do Cribs Convert To Twin Or Full-Sized Beds question, we moved onto how to actually do that.

In this situation, you will need to tear down the whole crib before you build a twin bed. As mentioned before, some cribs come with helpful things, such as user manuals or conversion kits that will definitely ease the setting up. 

Take the cribs’ tall sides and put them in the way to make one as a headboard and the other as a footboard. You should have a compatible mattress and box spring, especially for twin-sized beds, that needs to be attached to the sides, in this case to the head and footboards. 

Some companies may sell those along with the crib, and in some cases, you have to buy it separately.

A lot of parents are also asking:

Can a toddler go from crib to twin bed?

This depends on the child and on the parents as well. Some toddlers tend to keep sleeping in their toddler’s beds until they are five and maybe even more, on the other side there are children that change their cribs way earlier.

Make sure you and your baby are comfortable sleeping in chosen beds.

Can we use a Conversion Kit?

Of course. The conversion kit is there to help you through the whole process of changing the crib. One of the most asked questions, besides Do Cribs Convert To Twin Or Full-Sized Beds, is also this one.

It is recommended to use a kit that is suitable for that crib but can try to use any other if you own it in your household. 

If you use any conversion kit, the toddler’s bed might be a little higher than the recommended standard. This might cause some difficulties for the child to climb. So, to avoid that, try to use the original one. 


Do Cribs Convert to twin or Full-Sized Beds?

A very popular question among the parents is Do Cribs Convert To Twin Or Full-Sized Beds? Yes, actually they can be set up as a crib, as a full-sized toddlers bed, and as a twin-sized bed.  

When purchasing this kind of crib, you might need to prepare more cash, but be aware that this is a permanent solution for your child. Instead of buying each bed separately, convert the same one into three different ways. 

Thanks to conversion kits, this process is easier to deal with and can really be helpful when setting up the bed. 

But, be aware that cribs are not twin sized! A mattress for the twin bed is wider and longer compared to a crib mattress. They are built in standard sizes which can be very convenient. When changing from a crib to a twin bed, you need to purchase an extra mattress to fit in the bed.

To make you purchase easier, here are some great convertible cribs, according to your budget and portability.  

All in all, you can go wrong with convertible cribs, and you don’t have to worry about your toddler’s comfort. 

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