Does Breastfeeding Soothe a Teething Baby

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Yes, nursing can feel soothing and make your infant feel comfortable in times of teething. So, even though this period can be a bit challenging, breastfeeding is still the best food-feeding option for your baby. 

At some point, teeth will pop out through the gums, which will create the feeling of them moving. The baby will find this distressing, so the feeding can do the opposite and calm your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) along with the World Health Organization agree that mothers should breastfeed their babies as long as they both feel comfortable.

However, the advice is that it should last at least to the baby’s first year. Breastfeeding can be very beneficial for both mother and the infant, especially during times of teething. 

If you wonder how does breastfeeding soothes a teething baby, here’s the explanation. When feeding the baby’s tongue will extend above the bottom gum to draw the nipple in.

In this way, the new baby teeth are cushioned from the nipple. In this situation, the infant gums are pressed on the areola or better known as the dark area surrounding the nipple, which is much farther away than the nipple itself.

Often, the most uncomfortable time for the baby is when the teeth are moving and preparing to erupt under the gum line. It may be very uncomfortable when the gums are pressured, so gripping something firm may relieve the discomfort.

Do babies want to breastfeed more when teething?

It depends on the baby. So, many parents are in doubt does breastfeeding soothes a teething baby, and the answer can vary. If the baby finds nursing soothing to its growing teeth, a baby will want to be breastfed more often. 

On the other hand, if the infants find breastfeeding extra fussy, the baby will want to be fed less frequently. So, the parent has another job. Monitor your baby and look for obvious signs like rashes, skin chafing, and red and tender gums during teething.

Does breastfeeding hurt when the baby is teething?

Sometimes it can be hurtful for the mom. However, again, this is all personal. While some women find it difficult to breastfeed the baby while teething, some have no problems with it. 

When the teething period comes, there is a lot of discomfort for the baby. At the time of nursing, the little one can change the position a lot and latch so they can find a perfect position in order to avoid hitting tender gums. The constant moving can somewhat feel unpleasant for breastfeeding moms.

Does breastfeeding relieve baby pain?

There are several studies that back up this statement. So, does breastfeeding soothe a teething baby, and relieve the pain? Yes, it can be soothing and it can relieve the discomfort. Breastmilk can be an effective method to reduce pain in infants.

It is recommended that in situations when the mother has breast milk should be given to the baby when needed in time of teething. This is because milk can act as analgesia to the baby that is experiencing constant pain.

What soothes a teething baby?

As we already stated, all babies are different and what suits one baby might not be comfortable for the other one. However, you can try a few things to alleviate the baby’s pain. 

You can use some baby products like toys and rings that are specially designed for teething babies. Or if you don’t have any, you can use a cleaned and cold pacifier, or even a baby spoon. Parents can also experiment with a piece of a washcloth that’s been cleaned and soaked.

Others say that cold things can hurt a baby’s sore gums, however, we are not applying to frozen things but rather the ones that are cooled down. If your little one is older than half of the year to nine months, you can even give her/him cool water from a sippy cup. 

Another method that can be very soothing for the baby is massaging their tender gums. Make sure your hands are clean, and gently rub your fingers on the infant’s gums. If your baby still doesn’t have any erupted teeth, you can let him/her gnaw and bite your clean fingers. 

If you are breastfeeding, you can try one method to see if it works for both you and your baby. Before nursing, dip your finger into cool water and gently rub the baby’s sore gums. This can help you prevent your baby from biting your nipple while breastfeeding.


Does breastfeeding soothe a teething baby? This question is the most popular for nursing moms. And, before we repeat the answer, parents should always be aware that each infant is different, thus different things suit them.

 However, there are many cases where the baby was teething and nervous but when breastfeed they become more relaxed and calm. This is because the feeling of being nursed can really soothe the baby’s sore gums. In these situations, baby’s tend to even bite, which can be a bit painful for the mom. 

Besides feeding, there are other things parents can try to help their little ones to endure these hard times. When teething symptoms occur, you can try giving your baby toys and rings, made perfectly for their sore teeth, cooled things like spoons, or even a clean piece of a washcloth. 

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