Does Diaper Rash Cream Expire

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When your little one is having problems with diaper rash all over again, many of you wonder does diaper rash cream expire, since you need to use it again. And the answer is yes, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw it away. 

A lot of these supplements remain unused and you wonder what to do with them. Their expiration date has passed or is approaching, you are wondering whether to keep them, give them to someone or throw them in the trash.

There are two types of petroleum-based and zinc-based diaper rash creams. Vaseline is known as the basis of petroleum, it insulates the baby’s buttocks from wet diapers making a protective layer. Zinc-based is zinc oxide mixed with aloe or some other fat. 

All these ingredients become less effective as time passes, but if the cream in the original packaging is not opened, it is stored in a dark and cooler place, it can be used for over six months. The best thing to do is to check the cream by yourself simply by opening the lid, looking at the texture of the cream, and noticing whether it’s watery or coexistent. 

Expired creams can change color and smell. This means that the other ingredients of the cream, such as oils and fats, have spoiled and you should discard that product immediately.

If the cream has expired for more than a year, also throw it away because your baby does not deserve any risk due to bacteria that can develop in such spoiled creams. Creams that have been in the sun for a long time can change their texture and even spoil as well. 

Remember that all these essential oils lose their properties relatively quickly after expiration and the cream does not have the same strength and ability to protect your baby’s sensitive skin, including Vaseline that can burn after the expiration date. 

Triple Paste is a favorite cream with a long shelf life, but be careful how you store it to preserve its effectiveness. If you use expired diaper rash creams, even more, skin irritation can occur.

Do not play with expired deadlines, especially when a lot of time has passed since the date indicated on the package. Your baby doesn’t deserve it.

Is It OK To Use Expired Desitin 

You can use expired Desitin, but you have to follow some rules. If only a few months have elapsed from the date on the destination package you can use it, however, if quite some time has passed, you should throw it away. 

You can use it for up to six months after the expiration date, but only under the condition that the packaging is stored in a dark, dry, and cool place. That it was not exposed to the sun for long periods, and that the original packaging is well closed. 

Desitin is a cream mix of zinc, cod liver oil, petrolatum, and some other preservatives. All these ingredients lose their strength when they stay longer and cannot heal optimally.

Thus, Desitin after a long stay can be less effective in the fight against diaper rash. If it has stood for up to a year or more, bacteria can develop in the cream. 

Although it is not particularly dangerous, you should not put your baby at risk. You should check the cream before use, whether the texture, color, and smell have changed, and whether the oil has separated from the other elements. You can always lubricate Desitin even preventively with each diaper change.

To stop diaper rash, it is best to wash your baby’s buttocks with plain water or some mild baby soap. Dry or wipe with a soft cloth without rubbing to prevent irritation of the rash. Apply a layer of Desitin, or any other diaper rash cream according to the instructions and put it on a diaper.

In any case, if you are not sure whether the expired Desitin is good to use, it’s better to throw it away and buy a new one instead of taking a risk. 

Can You Expired Zinc oxide Cream 

Zinc oxide sunscreen can’t expire thus it remains effective against UV rays protection. This is thanks to the minerals, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide that are not affected by time, so they retain their effectiveness.

So, when we talk about zinc oxide cream, the answer to the question “does diaper rash cream expire” is negative. But, if you put zinc oxide cream into a lotion or some other cream, other ingredients can separate or even spoil the cream. T

his means that your cream will still be okay to wear however it might have a bad odor and make your baby very uncomfortable.

Your baby is progressing, months are passing and there are more and more different pomade oil creams you used to help your baby. Those bottle tube boxes are all around in the closets and rooms in baby bags. You go to get something you need and a bunch of those different bottles fall off the shelf. 

Annoyed, you put it all back on the shelf, and just then the baby wakes up because of the falling bottles. A typical scenario that has happened to every parent so far, so if you wonder if you are the only one, you are not. 

How Long Is A Diaper Rash Supposed To Last 

It typically lasts for a few days, approximately two to three but sometimes it can be persistent and last longer. 

The duration of a diaper rash is relative and varies depending on the child and based on their developmental stage. Diaper rashes can range from 1-3 days. Although once the rash clears up, it’s important to keep an eye out for future irritations as you could be dealing with a yeast infection (which will need different treatment methods).

You can try to prevent diaper rash as well by keeping the infant’s skin as clean and dry as possible and changing the diaper frequently to prevent urine contact. Occasionally wash your baby’s bottom after a diaper change with warm water. 

Before putting on another diaper make sure you dry the area completely with a piece of a soft cloth. However, make sure not to tub it but rather to pat it gently. When putting on the new diaper don’t squeeze it too hard so you can prevent chafing. Make sure you change the diapers often, around every two hours. 


Using different creams on your baby can do the opposite of helping. Even though parents had the best purposes, sometimes this thing can happen. And that’s totally fine. When diaper rash occurs, parents should be aware that it’s pretty common among infants. 

There are a lot of things you can do in order to prevent the diaper rash, but sometimes when it has already occurred parents should use some cream to stop it from spreading. Keeping the baby’s hygiene on high is the number one thing, and the second is to use the right creams. 

If a diaper rash has already happened before and occurred again, worried parents tend to ask, does diaper rash cream expire? Can they use the old diaper rash cream on their baby?

And the answer really depends on many factors. How long has been from the expiration date, was the cream in the cooler area or exposed to the sun? Does it smell bad and has its texture changed to more watery or coexistent? 

If less than six months have passed, the smell is still good, and the texture is pretty similar to the original one, it’s safe for use. If not, we advise you rather throw the cream away and just buy the new one. We don’t want to risk anything, especially when it comes to the child’s health. 

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