Does Ear Lidding Correct Itself?

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Does Ear Lidding Correct Itself?

When the baby is born, parents notice every tiny detail on their newborn. Therefore, a misshapen ear can be the case as well. So many parents naturally wonder, does ear lidding correct itself? Not really, but there are a few ways you can reshape it, and it mostly depends on the baby’s years. 

You can correct it by simply using ear molding methods, so there’s no need for surgical intervention. On the other hand, you can do an otoplasty, which is a pretty quick procedure but most applicable to older children. 

Parents are always on the lookout for any indication that something is off about their new bundle of joy.

If you notice an uncharacteristic feature, such as a misshapen or crooked earlobe, consider seeking medical attention before it gets worse. Nothing will make parents happier than fixing what they perceive to be wrong with their child right from birth! 

There may not necessarily be anything we can do at home–but don’t worry. If using the molding method is late, surgical intervention would only take care of our concern.

How do you fix a lidding ear?

Does ear lidding correct itself? Not really, but there are a few things you can try. So, how can you fix lidding ear?

The first is using the molds and the second is otoplasty surgery for people who have prominent ears or whose ears are shaped in any other way than what appears to be usual (otoscopy).

If you go with the second one, the otoplasty will be performed under anesthesia. During which abnormal cartilage is reshaped to restore normal ear shape.

It’s usually a quick procedure, lasting about from 2 to 3 hours, and it’s typically done in the hospital or surgery center. 

Can you fix the baby’s ears sticking out?

Does Ear Lidding Correct Itself?

Yes, you can fix a baby’s ears if they are sticking out. You can do that in two ways. The first one does not include surgical procedures, and the other one does.

It usually depends on the age of the patient. If you notice your baby is having this problem, you can easily reshape it because the ear cartilage at birth is very soft and malleable. 

This means that you can reshape it without using any surgical procedures, but rather go with methods of using modern technology without a simple cut. 

Do newborn ears change shape?

So, does ear lidding correct itself? Apparently, they can not, but can the baby’s ear shape change? Yes and no, and here’s how. 

After the baby is born, its ears and even some different parts of its body may be distorted. This is the result of the position baby’s were in when they were in the mother’s womb.

So, naturally, the newborn’s ear might be squashed and it can stay in that shape for the next 48 hours. If they stay at the same position or sticking out for more than the mentioned period of time, it is most likely that it will be permanent.

Baby’s need time to develop thick cartilage that will give the ear a firm shape, so it’s not rare to see misshapen or sticking out ears after the birth of a baby. 

The baby’s ear can change shape, but this could be due to a number of reasons. In some cases, the lids can’t be fixed with molds and instead need medical help from an expert in order to fix them correctly.

This way they will not droop or move away from their original position on top of the head which is very uncomfortable for both parents as well as infants. 

How do you correct a newborn’s ears?

Does Ear Lidding Correct Itself?

As mentioned above, we can reshape a baby’s ear by using the molding method or so-called earwell. 

Earwell is a custom ear splint or earmold that helps reshape a baby’s ear. It has the role of holding and bending the baby’s cartilage in the correct way so it can be reshaped as the ear cartilage hardens. 

If you’re a first-time parent, one of the most important things to know about newborns and babies, in general, is that their ears can sometimes be something of concern. The symptoms will vary from child to child but there are steps for correcting these issues!


The shape and size of newborns’ ears can vary from baby to baby. In order for a baby’s earring holes to match up properly, you will need the assistance of an experienced specialist in this field such as doctors and pediatricians who have had extensive training on how to fix misshapen cartilage so it becomes straight once again!

This usually happens while the baby is still in the mother’s womb, but a few hours after the birth they should be back to a “normal” shape. If it doesn’t happen in the first 48 hours, you might want to consider using a non-surgical method before your baby reaches 6 weeks old.

If this period has already happened, the baby will probably need otoplasty surgery.

So, at this point many parents want to avoid this, and ask themselves, does ear lidding correct itself? The answer is no, and the baby will need procedures mentioned above that are suitable for the baby’s age. 

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