How Long Does it Take for Prunes to Work on a Baby?

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The amount of time it will take for this to show effect will vary depending on the baby’s weight, age, and general health status. So then, approximately how long does it take for prunes to work on a baby? Around 12 to 24 hours but it can vary, plus it should be noted that not all kids will respond favorably to this type of treatment.

If we compare our digestive system with babies’, we can clearly see that they are not the same. Babies have way slower tracts thus they will need more time to digest foods.

This is a totally normal thing and parents need to be prepared for its delay especially when babies are trying new food after breastfeeding

The same goes for prunes. You can expect that fiber and sorbitol will take longer to affect their stomachs since babies often have sluggish bowel movements.

So, how long does it take for prunes to work on a baby? According to reports from parents, the digestion starts working around 12 to 24 hours after giving the prunes to the baby. 

There are many natural remedies and home remedies that parents can use to help their babies when they have trouble going to the bathroom. This is especially true for constipation in new babies.

Prunes, along with other foods like prune juice and pear work well as a natural laxative, while bananas can cause black specks and even constipation after eating.

Will prunes help baby poop?

Yes, you can but not immediately of course. 

Prunes are one of the most nutritious dried fruits you can get your hands on. They contain a healthy dose of fiber, which is an essential ingredient in keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

And, by the way, they also help with fruit fly infestations! But in some cases, like that of our friend’s little one here, prunes are specifically recommended as one remedy for constipation.

When can babies eat prunes?

Before giving prunes and prune juices to the baby, firstly get an opinion from your chosen doctor.

When the time comes for introducing the food to the baby, you can start giving prunes. This is usually a period when the baby turns 6 months. 

The prunes have both fiber and sorbitol that will help the baby with constipation. You can either give pureed or whole mashed prunes or even prune juice if you like. 

Nonetheless, prune and prune juice is not recommended for baby’s younger than one-year-old without a doctor’s prescription. So, it’s acceptable to give them prunes after 6 months, but do it under the surveillance of a baby’s pediatrician.

So before asking a question how long does it take for prunes to work on a baby, make sure your baby is ready to eat and digest this type of fruit.

How many prunes should I give my baby?

If your baby has constipation, you should give them prunes. But how much? Well, you should limit the intake.

For example, if you are giving prune juice to the baby, the consumption should be a ¼ cup or 60mL for babies younger than one year. When it comes to the children of 1 one to 6, their intake shouldn’t be over 180mL or ¾ of a cup.

On the other hand, if you are having a child from the age of 7 and more, they can take around 1 ½ of a cup or 375 mL. 

Each baby has its own pace, so take it slow. Some babies will react pretty soon, while some will need extra time, so don’t feed the baby with too many prunes right away. Also, you should ensure that your baby gets enough formula or breastmilk if their stool loosens up.

As mentioned above, every baby is different, but if your doctor or child care provider hasn’t given you any advice on the subject, it’s a good idea to limit your baby’s intake of prunes and of course, do not give one too many.

Can I mix prune juice with milk?

Parents can mix prune juice with milk and with other fruits as well. When your baby has already started eating firmer food, you can experiment a little. For example, you can try to mix prune juice approximately two or fewer ounces, with milk or formula.

You can also use it in making smoothies with other fruits such as apples and prunes as a less concentrated option. Use prune puree as an ingredient for pancake batter or muffin mix. 

A good substitute for prunes can be pear nectar. Warm it up and give the baby for consumption to stimulate their bowel movements. When it comes to the question of how long does it take for prunes to work on a baby, the answer is the same and refers to pear nectar as well. 


A Baby’s conception can be really frightening and at the same time exhausting. Nobody likes when babies are having constant cramps because they haven’t taken number two for a few days. 

That’s where parents are stepping in to help their little ones with this, pretty much-represented problem. 

If your child is old enough, usually over the age of 1, you can give them prune or prune juice to help with their bowel movements. If the baby is younger, the best thing to do is contact your pediatrician and get a professional opinion. 

Prunes along with prune juice contain fiber and sorbitol which are essential ingredients for the digestive system running properly. But the question is, how long does it take for prunes to work on a baby? The answer may vary. It all depends on the baby’s weight and health.

But usually, it can be somewhere between 12 to 24 hours. Remember this is not a strict time, some babies will react faster and some slower. If the baby’s bowels are slower don’t overdose on the baby with prunes, just wait until they achieve their action. 

At this point, parents can get creative and mix prune juice with other fruits such as apples or use it as an ingredient for smoothies. If your child doesn’t like prunes, on the other hand, you can try and give a baby pear nectar that will achieve the same effect as prunes would. 

You can find prune juice at many grocery and health food stores. 

Prune juice is very easy to find. You can find them in almost every grocery store as well as healthy-food markets. The only thing to pay attention to when buying prune juice is to make sure it’s pasteurized.

The long-lasting problem of constipation is resolved. In the most natural way, you can get rid of this problem while resolving the baby’s issue of slow bowel movement.

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