How to Get Rid of the Baby’s Mustache

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How to Get Rid of the Baby's Mustache

That little mustache that your little one is having is lanugo hair and it will clear up in the first few weeks of a newborn’s life. 

However, impatient parents will wonder how to get rid of the baby’s mustaches, and there are a few things you can try like bread and milk, homemade pasta, and using other home ingredients. 

These home remedies are not expensive, it’s something that every household has, and they are easily made. However, there is no scientific evidence to tell us that these harmless chemicals used for getting rid of lanugo hair will be 100% efficient. 

But, they’ve been used in the past, especially among elderly people who used them as a traditional remedy. Here are the top three things you can try on how to get rid of the baby’s mustache:

  1. Using flour – use three simple ingredients to make a homemade paste for hair removal. You will need flour, almond oil, and turmeric. We recommend whole wheat flour because it is rich in Vitamin E, plus this type of flour can be really gentle on the skin.

    Besides that, they consist of vitamins that can help newborns nourish one’s skin. On the other side, we have almond oil, which is a very good moisturizer and it really suits the whole rubbing process.

    Mix those two ingredients along with a little bit of water, and you will get a little ball of dough. Once again use warm almond oil to dip the dough in it and gently rub it on the hairy area. 
  1. Milk and turmeric – a very simple mixture of these two ingredients can be used to massage a baby all over its body. Firstly, make the paste using milk with turmeric, then gently apply it to the baby’s skin.

    Massage it with light strokes, and then live it to dry out for a few minutes. Take a piece of soft clothing, for example, a baby bath towel, and dip it in milk.  Remove the paste by applying the towel to the skin and slowly removing it.

    After this procedure, give your baby a nice bath, although without using baby products. If you wonder why, milk is a substitute for soap because it acts as a cleanser. This is a great and easy way to remove or at least speed up the shedding process.
  2. The mix of those three – for this homemade paste, you will need flour, milk, and a little bit of turmeric powder. Apply the paste on your child’s skin before a massage.

    In this mixture, milk is used instead of cream, and the whole paste has its purpose to moisturize a little one’s skin. Additionally, this method has been shown to be effective in removing hair as well.

However, all parents should be aware that these remedies can sometimes be effective and sometimes not so much. We can’t guarantee that they will work and remove all hairy parts but it can at least speed up the falling-off process.

How to Get Rid of the Baby's Mustache

Do baby mustaches go away?

Before you wonder how to get rid of the baby’s mustache, ask yourself if that hair can go away on its own. The answer to this is positive, and what’s better than that, is that the lanugo hair will shed off in the first couple of weeks.

It is totally normal for a baby to be born with hair, better known as lanugo. This is usually the case for premature babies, but it can also be present in full-term newborns.

The hair is soft and fine, usually dark so it’s pretty visible. However, this hair is usually gone before the baby is even born, but sometimes it can persist. Infants that are born with lanugo hair don’t indicate that your baby will be hairy in childhood or later in life. 

What causes the baby to have lots of hair?

Hormones are the main reason why babies are having hair. If your infant start to grow hair while still in your womb, it will probably be born with the hair on its head. When in utero, hair growth is accelerated by a high hormone concentration. 

After birth, the level of hormones significantly decreases which can be the reason why your baby’s hair is starting to fall off. One should not be concerned about this because the new hair will start to grow right after. 

Are babies born with a full head of hair?

How to Get Rid of the Baby's Mustache

Even though your baby was bald after birth, it was born with all hair follicles for its lifetime. When the woman is around the 10th week of pregnancy, those follicles start growing. 

The hair that appears at that period of time is better known as lanugo hair. It can grow on your baby’s arms, back, legs, upper lip, and of course the head. By the 20th week, your unborn child can have a head full of hair. 


If your infant has body hair, it is not a thing to be concerned about. Be aware that this lanugo hair is going to fall off on its own certainly. It can’t happen immediately, but it will take only a few weeks up to four months. 

For impatient parents that can’t wait for the falling-off period, we have prepared some home remedies. We have singled out the 3 most effective methods on how to get rid of the baby’s mustache. 

The following ingredients can also be used to remove hairy areas anywhere on the newborn’s body. Milk, flour, and turmeric, mixed together can help you achieve the wanted results.

But, we have to warn you. These are not scientifically approved methods, and we can’t assure you that they will 100% work. 

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