How to Prepare Strawberries for a Baby?

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How To Prepare Strawberries For A Baby

It’s important to keep in mind that whole strawberries or even large chunks are potentially dangerous for babies and toddlers. This is because they can cause choking hazards to babies, so you have to be careful. 

Make strawberry puree instead of cutting up the fruit. Always remove the stems and wash up to 10 strawberries thoroughly. Put them in your home blender or any other food processor and blend until you make the strawberry smoothie.

Here are the basic steps on how to prepare strawberries for a baby?

Step 1: Wash the strawberries.

Step 2: Cut off the stem and top of the strawberry.

Step 3: Rinse again in water after cutting them. 

Step 4: Put them in a blender and blend until you make the puree. 

Step 5: You can put some additional fruit to make some smoothies for the baby as well. 

A healthy and nutritious snack for a toddler or baby is a piece of fruit. We recommend cutting the fruit into small pieces that are easier to swallow and that can be mixed with yogurt, milk, or cereal.

The skins of certain fruits such as strawberries contain a large number of pesticides and chemicals, so it is important to wash them thoroughly before consumption.

How do I give my 6-month-old strawberries?

If you are having a baby older than 6 months old, you can give her/him the whole strawberry. While your baby is munching the strawberry and a little piece breaks, give an opportunity to work with it on its own. 

On the other hand, if the strawberries are not so big, the best thing to do is to slice them or mash them before giving them to your baby. This is the simplest answer to how to prepare strawberries for a baby? 

You may give your baby fresh strawberries when their first teeth come in, usually at 6 months.

You can give them whole berries or mashed fruits that are well blended. Remove any seeds and the strawberry hulls for safety reasons, and avoid giving more than 1-2 teaspoons per day.

Can a baby eat strawberries?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Allergy and Immunology, babies can eat strawberries after they’ve been consuming a few solid foods.

When a baby tries different vegetables and some fruits, baby cereals, and even pureed meat, with no allergic reaction whatsoever, strawberries can be introduced to babies.

There are many different types of foods that babies can eat. Some people may think it is difficult for babies to eat certain foods, but this is not true. The only thing you need to worry about is whether or not the food will be safe for the baby.

Strawberries, like many other fruits, are a good option for a baby and they should be able to eat them safely at around six months old.

Do strawberries need to be steamed for babies?

How To Prepare Strawberries For A Baby

Depends on the age of the baby. If your baby is younger than 8 months, maybe it’s better to cook or steam the strawberries. This way you are ensuring that the babies’ digestive system will process the fibers. 

They can also be served raw as well, and you can give them when the baby is older than 6 months, or to be absolutely sure, wait until 8 months old. 

If your baby is younger than the mentioned age the answer is no. But many people seem to believe that strawberry seeds are a choking hazard for babies, and so need to be steamed for the little ones. So, how to prepare strawberries for a baby? Steaming can be one of the options for sure.

Why can’t babies have strawberries?

Because strawberries can sometimes cause allergic reactions. This is also called oral allergy syndrome, known as a medical condition resulting from cross-reactions present in pollen, raw fruits, and vegetables. 

This is a rare case, and toddlers are usually not affected. Nevertheless, it is always a smart idea to watch out for signs of a possible allergy reaction.

What goes well with strawberries for babies?

How To Prepare Strawberries For A Baby

You can give to your baby strawberries only or mix it with other fruit like bananas, sweet potato, mashed beans, butternut squash, and make food mix puree.

You can experiment and try to mix the strawberry puree with some yogurt or oatmeal and make some smoothies.

Remember that at this stage babies can eat different finger foods, and parents can try out different variations.


When it comes to giving food to the baby, a lot of parents are afraid. They are afraid of the baby’s reaction, if the baby is old enough or if it is safe enough for the baby to eat certain food. This especially refers to particular fruits. In this case strawberries. 

Many of the parents are in wonder, how to prepare strawberries for a baby?

There are a few ways. First, make sure your baby is older than 6 months, then you can introduce this fruit to the toddler. Toddlers younger than the stated age shouldn’t eat this type of fruit. 

Second, when making them, the best and secure way to do so is by making a strawberry puree. Don’t give the bigger chunks to the baby, due to the choking hazard.

Instead, put the strawberries in the blender and make some puree or smoothie mixed with other fruits. 

Of course, first, wash them thoroughly and cut off the stem and the top of the strawberries. 

Can a baby eat strawberries is a very common question next to, how to prepare strawberries for a baby? Babies can eat them, but after they turn 6 months old because they have a tendency to cause allergic reactions. 

If you follow the given steps and respect the stated age, you can freely give the baby the fruit. If in any case, you notice any reaction, take your baby to the pediatrician for further examination. 

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