How to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash

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How to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash

Despite the care you give, diaper rash on your baby might be inevitable. Rare chances do occur where infants end up not having diaper rash.

Fortunately, there are remedies for treating the rash. Some ointments and creams take care of the diapering problem, and this will be useful before it escalates or even worsens.

It’s always good to plan, and we will look at tips on how to quickly treat diaper rash. Your little one’s bottom will appreciate the service, and the rash will be dealt with in the shortest time possible.

When does diaper rash happen?


  • Your little one’s skin rubs due to friction against the diaper
  • Bacterial infection also leads  to diaper rash
  • Yeast infection is also another cause of diaper rash
  • When your little has an allergic reaction.

Babies are prone to get diaper rash more often when they:

  • Sleep in soiled diapers
  • Have diarrhea
  • Start eating solid food
  • Grow older,  mostly between nine and 12 months
  • As they take antibiotics, you will likely see them get affected by diaper rash often.

Treating diaper rash


Here are some products that end up soothing a baby’s sore skin and also become protective equipment.

  • If your baby has fungal infections, it will be highly recommended for you to apply antifungal cream.
  • If your baby has a bacterial infection by lousy luck, topical or oral antibiotics will serve a great purpose.
  • Another recommendable treatment for diaper rash is applying cream and ointment with zinc or petroleum jelly. Smooth it on your baby’s clean bottom before you put on the diaper.
  • Baby powder is another treatment technique for baby’s affected with diaper rash. Be cautious when applying this because it is not supposed to touch your baby’s face. The powder might cause breathing problems to the kid if you stop being careful. All you will have to do is to apply it to the diaper area gently.
How to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash

Avoid other steroid creams you will come across in the drugstore, but you can use them when the physician advises.

Tips on Treating Diaper Rash


Thesetips are grouped into steps and are essential to ensuring the diaper rash is completely treated.

  • Before and after changing every diaper, you will have to wash your hands first.
  • Whenever your baby’s diaper gets wet or soiled, you have to change it immediately.  You can achieve this by regularly checking the condition of the diaper.
  • Use plain water, but you can advance to using a mild cleanser when you require getting poop from the baby’s skin.
  • Patting the area is another crucial step rather than rubbing.
  • Choose mild wipes if you think of using one. Avoid the ones with fragrance or alcohol. You can also use a washcloth that is clean and soft.
  • Ensure the bottom of the baby is clean and completely dry before you put on a fresh diaper.

Sometimes the rash becomes chronic, and therefore you need to use another measure which includes:

  • Try squirting a bottle of water within the area. Avoid rubbing sore skin as it may cause other damages
  • Allow your baby to go without a diaper as much as you can.  By doing so, you will help the rash affected zone heal faster.

Ten home treatments and remedies


Below are ten methods that have worked well in the fight to curb diaper rash:

  • Change diaper brands or laundry detergents.

Persistent diaper rash can be a result of a particular product. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the brand you are using and try a different one.  The ones who use cloth diapers will always clean their diapers. Therefore, they should try to change the laundry detergent they have been using as it could cause diaper rash.

  • Often changing diapers

Parents and caregivers should act with prompt and vigilance when changing the diapers of a baby. Giving room for the infant to be soiled or wet in a diaper might worsen the symptoms.

How to Quickly Treat Diaper Rash
  • The area should breathe.

Wet diapers are the cause of diaper rash, but this would eventually heal and dry out if you give room to fresh air. Putting infants in tight, synthetic, or rubber bottoms should also be avoided. If you dress them in loose bottoms which have 100 percent of cotton, it will dry up the rash, and the skin will breathe.

  • Try an oatmeal bath

Research conducted has shown that colloidal oatmeal reduces the irritation and inflammation that diaper rash can cause. It also reduces the itching and pain that comes with a diaper rash. You can buy these drugs in drug stores or even online.

  • Avoid scrubbing the area.

The infants should always be kept dry and clean, more so when they have a rash. You should know that gentle cleaning is the best.

  • Fragrance soap and detergents

Soaps and detergents are, but examples of skin irritants and are responsible for diaper rash. Scented soaps and creams to even bubble baths aren’t child-friendly.

  • Avoid new foods

Introducing new types of food to an infant will eventually cause the baby’s urine and poop to be acidic and irritating. If possible acidic food should be removed if, in any case, your baby starts developing diaper rash.

  • Usage of baby wipes

Even though the diaper area of a baby should be kept neat and clean at all times, the use of baby wipes could irritate an existing diaper rash. It is advisable to clean the baby’s bottom using a scent-free soap and clean, warm water before it dries up.

  • Diaper cream and ointments

Many creams and skin-soothing ointments are available as they create a barrier between the diaper and the poop and urine. These creams contain zinc oxide, and they should be applied to prevent the rash.

  • Fitting the diaper

Tight diapers can cause diaper rash. Caregivers should ensure that diapers fit well and even buy larger ones as the infants grow.

In conclusion, washing with water instead of wipes will  diaper rash heal faster. Using creams and changing diapers frequently will cause healing faster. By observing all the techniques and tips, diaper rash will heal quickly.

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