Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

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Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

To reshape belly button without surgery can’t always bring the wanted results. But, there is a thing you can try, and that’s the massage. Also, many people tried to tape a coin over the belly, but this strongly advises not to do so.

Another and more secure way you can reshape belly button is by going under umbilicoplasty surgery. This way you can change the appearance of the navel. 

This surgery is originally used for fixing the umbilical hernias in newborns. However, it has become a very popular cosmetic surgery in the last couple of years. The main goal of the surgery is to give the belly button a more vertical shape rather than a horizontal one. 

But we know that the surgery can be a painful experience and somewhat expensive, which is why we decided to find a solution that would help people without spending a lot of money and with no pain.

It turns out that you can change the shape of your belly button only in one way – through massage.

Every single cell in your skin starts moving around when you massage it. You cannot see those cells but they play an important role in how the belly button looks as well as many other parts of your body such as hands, feet, face, arms, and legs.

However, the reason for the outie belly is the result of how the newborn’s umbilical cord met. If you want to change that due to health reasons such as a hernia, there is a surgery called umbilicoplasty. If it matters, you should not do anything about it, because the baby looks beautiful in any way.

Here, we have listed a few other things that might be going on with your belly button and what can be done about them. How can you “fix” them and what is the deal with outie belly.

Can an outie belly button be fixed without surgery?

An outie belly is not a health problem but rather a cosmetic issue that doesn’t require surgery. If your baby is diagnosed with granulomas it needs to be treated carefully to avoid the infection.

If your baby has a hernia it’s usually gone by their second year. If not, seek medical help and see what your baby’s doctor will say about it.

So, if your baby is diagnosed with a hernia or granulomas, there are things you can do at home to help. If it’s just an outie belly button that bothers you, then try using special creams to reduce the redness and irritation.

It’s important to know that not all outie belly buttons need surgery. Because of this, being born with an outie belly button should not be cause for alarm nor does it require medical attention unless other problems arise. 

Belly buttons are undoubtedly a uniquely personal topic. They’re the one thing that seems to be very delicate for all of us, no matter how different we may be otherwise.

So when something goes wrong with them, people are very scared and they even become frightened when they have to visit a doctor due to navel problems.

How much does it cost to reshape your belly button?

Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

When deciding to go on surgery for strictly cosmetic reasons the price can range from $2,500 to $5,000. But the price doesn’t stop here, when the surgery includes the tummy tuck procedure the price can be from $8,000 to $12,000.

If the surgery is done due to an umbilical hernia then the price is way different and your medical insurance usually covers it.

Is an outie belly button always a hernia?

Reshape Belly Button Without Surgery

An outie belly can be a sign of a small umbilical hernia. They are more popular among newborns than other populations, as well as premature babies. Umbilical hernias in little ones are mostly small and they are closed by themselves after some time passes. It usually takes 2 years but sometimes even more.

About 75% of children have outie belly buttons at some time during childhood development. Outies are generally formed if the abdominal wall muscles do not form well enough for skin around this area to be pulled together tightly. 

Having an outie belly button is normal in newborns but they can’t change into innies, even though people are saying differently. You can try to reshape belly button without surgery but we don’t guarantee how much effect that will bring. 


The first and the most important thing is that the baby is happy and healthy. The outie belly look can’t cause any harm to the newborn if it’s not the result of a hernia. Even in that case, the umbilical hernia will go away on its own after some time has passed. 

When it comes to looks, the baby is beautiful in its own unique way. If you are wondering how to reshape belly button without surgery, we have to disappoint you. There aren’t any ways to do so. You can try to massage it, but it is not guaranteed that it will be helpful. 

The only way to reshape the belly is undergoing surgery which is strongly not recommended for babies when the newborn’s health is not in danger due to hernia. When we talk about grow-ups, surgery can be an option. 

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