Should babies wear socks all the time?

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Should babies wear socks all the time?

Generally speaking, it’s not often you see newborn babies without socks on. So, then should babies wear socks all the time? No, not really. 

What is maybe the best advice when it comes to dressing a baby is one general rule of thumb.

Always dress the baby one more layer of clothing as you would dress yourself. Usually, parents tend to overdress newborns, due to always fearing they are cold. And it’s okay to care for your child, but do not over exaggerate. 

Even though babies should wear booties in cool weather, because they are great for helping regulate a baby’s temperature, there are also reasons to have them barefoot. Actually, babies should be barefoot as much as they can, so that they can wiggle all of their fingers and toes, as recommended by pediatricians.

Some health providers emphasize the importance of infants going barefoot due to the development of their feet.

Thus, the best decision is to leave your baby’s feet without socks on, whenever it’s possible. Whether it is a sunny day or at a preferable room temperature, let your baby be barefooted. 

So, on to a question: Do babies always need to wear socks?

The answer is no, they don’t. 

But, they have their purpose. Socks are meant to protect babies’ feet from certain objects and of course to keep their feet warm on cold days. But, on the other hand, your baby does not need to wear socks all the time.

Depending on the weather outside and the temperature of the inside, and use them when necessary. As advice, it’s good to keep a stash of baby socks near you, but be aware of when the baby will really need them and when they will not.

Why should babies not wear socks?

Because it can interfere with babies’ circulation. How so?

Well, to protect your baby’s feet from sock-line hyperpigmentation, find socks that aren’t too tight. If you somehow chose the tight ones, it could reduce foot circulation, and affect the normal development of babies’ feet. 

When deciding should babies wear socks all the time? Let the temperature be the crucial factor. At this stage, babies can’t talk and the parents should always keep an eye on the baby’s body temperature. Of course, if you notice that the baby’s feet are cold, or even blue, it is necessary to put the pair of socks on. 

What’s sock-line hyperpigmentation?

It is a harmless condition where around the baby’s wrists sock-line is raised skin. It usually comes with hyperpigmentation, due to the red lines on the feet caused by wearing socks. The skin can become a bit darker than usual but after some time the hyperpigmentation may fade away.

Should baby’s feet always be covered?

The answer really depends on the time of the month. The baby’s feet should be covered if you are going outside in the cold weather, or even when the room temperature is not “warmish”.

For good protection, cover their feet with a pair of socks. But, one thing many people forget is how easily socks can be kicked off from their feet. It could be a long time before you even notice that the baby is without any socks. To make sure this problem doesn’t occur to you, use one-piece coveralls. So, at this point should babies wear socks all the time? No, they don’t have to, especially if you use coveralls instead.

In this case, babies’ feet will always be covered up and you don’t ever have to worry about their loosened socks. 

Can a baby sleep wearing socks?

Should babies wear socks all the time?

Even if it sounds like a safe way of keeping your infant warm, it is not recommended. You don’t want to overheat the baby and its little body. That’s why using socks and electric blankets is best to be avoided. 

Instead of asking yourself should babies wear socks all the time? To keep them warm for sure, try to do next. Keep their body temperature by giving them a nice and warm bath before you put your baby to sleep. When bath time is over, dress your baby as simply as you can. This means that you should use a one-piece layer of cloth, and nothing else unnecessary. Hence, avoid socks, hats, gloves, or anything similar. 

When it comes to covering up newborns, it’s best not to use blankets. They are still infants and the safest sleep they will have is in the sleeping bag or swaddle. 

Should babies wear socks when learning to walk?

Should babies wear socks all the time?

Putting their first shoes on might be cute but will not speed up the process of learning how to walk. Then, does this mean that babies should wear socks when learning how to walk? Yes and no, just like for the question should babies wear socks all the time? It is totally up to a parent to decide whether the child will have the pair of socks on or not.

If the temperature is nice and warm, the best way for a baby is to be barefooted. 

This way you are giving your child a natural foot development plus you are letting him/her feel the ground when they are walking. On the other hand, if it’s cold, keep your baby’s feet warm and well protected. Especially if you are located somewhere where it is slippery or there are a lot of obstacles around, use the pair of socks with rubber grips on.

If you are in doubt about using shoes or not, go with the second one. Shoes can be really inflexible and can interfere with a baby’s walking balance. This is just making things harder due to the restriction of a natural movement of the baby’s feet. 


It is not easy being a parent, especially when you read and hear different things all the time. But you want what’s the best for your baby and you don’t know what to do. Then, should babies wear socks all the time? The eternal dilemma and controversy about it are clearly answered.

Socks are not your enemies. They are here to help baby’s circulation and keep their little toes protected from bumpy surfaces.

So, then, should babies wear socks all the time? No, not necessarily. If there’s an opportunity with a safe and sound environment, babies should be barefooted. 

This way babies can feel better the ground they are walking on and encourage normal feet development. This refers to when babies are sleeping also. You don’t want your baby to feel overheated while waking up soaking wet. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that baby feet should always be without socks. Pay attention to their body temperature and based on that decide on putting the socks on. Don’t use the ones with a firm elastic band but the ones of soft fabric. Baby’s safety and comfort are always in the first place. 

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