Trends in Baby and Toddler Fashion

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Toddlers can be highly energetic, so clothing must move with them. Consider lightweight fabrics like soft gauze or ultralight knit joggers as options.

Avoid clothing with tight necklines and sleeves; children are easily distracted by clothing that tangles or trips them up. Opt for zippers and snaps that are lightweight, smooth, and simple to open and close.

Tie Dye Prints

Just as enjoyable is curating your toddler’s wardrobe. OshKosh provides all that is necessary – from dresses and pants shoes and accessories – as you create their look!

Tie-dye prints have made a dramatic comeback in toddler fashion. While brightly-hued tie dyes from the 70s may no longer be trendy, more subdued tie dye styles such as gray-white smoke or tans-and-white, known as latte, are making an impactful statement without oversaturating an adorable outfit with vibrant hues. This trend offers an adorable way to add flair without overwhelming it with vibrant hues.

Stay trendy with your toddler with stylish outfits for every day – choose girls’ rompers and floral hoodies, boys’ denim and long-sleeve tees, sweaters, coats, and extra fuzzy mittens for colder temperatures; for quick changes, find easy-dressing bodysuits or onesie sets that feature easy dressers like cotton and organic cotton certified to be free from harmful chemicals.

Peplum Tops

The peplum top, another early 2010s trend that gained steam during this decade, has recently seen its comeback. Rather than its previous iterations with frilly or ruffled fabrics that may cause cringing among millennials, today’s peplum has a more refined silhouette that emphasizes your natural waist without drawing attention to every lump and bump on the body. Designers across categories have taken notice, from Francisco Cancino’s baby tees at Mexico Fashion Week to Givenchy’s shimmery silk-layered chiffon peplum blazer seen on Paris runway.


Corset-style peplums paired with wide-leg, high-waisted jeans, and soft jersey maxi skirts make an elegant ensemble suitable for special events or dining out. For something lighter yet more dramatic, try one of many peplum-style jackets in sheer materials that feature pleats or ruffles at the hip.

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have become an increasingly popular design feature among dresses and casual tops alike, becoming popular with influencers and retail analysts alike. Puff sleeves have experienced an especially significant surge in popularity among day dresses from Erdem, Carolina Herrera, Ulla Johnson, and Gucci collections with these statement-making sleeves.

Puff sleeves can create an effortlessly feminine look when combined with other silhouettes, such as skinny jeans or pencil skirts. Their fuller shape should be balanced out by slimmer-fit bottom pieces such as these.

No matter your style of choice – delicate fabric with subtle effects or bolder style – our selection of blank toddler girls’ t-shirts is guaranteed to flatter any little one in your life. Use embroidery, screen printing, or HTV decoration techniques to give these blank girls’ t-shirts life!


With the growing trend toward gender-neutral fashion, neutral color palettes, unisex designs, and inclusive motifs can now be seen in baby and toddler clothing. Gender stereotypes are being challenged by parents; children can express themselves freely with neutral colors, themed designs, or unique long-sleeve tunics that express their individual interests.


Find clothing to encourage curiosity and learning with printed children’s long-sleeve tunics featuring robotics, architecture, geology, botany, oceanography engineering, etc.! Mix and match them with plain color co-ordinates for an easy ensemble!

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