What to do with leftover formula powder

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What to do with leftover formula powder

Do you have some leftover formula and you’re stranded on what to do with it, you are probably in the right place.  We shall look at what to do with leftover formula powder.  In case you are still in a tangle on feeding your kid with expired formula, here is what you should do with leftover formula powder. But first, we have questions to ask ourselves.

How long does it take before expiry once opened?


As a responsible parent, you need to know how long it lasts for the formula powder to be okay once opened.  According to most experts, they say that it takes a month for formula powder to be okay for use.

What to do with leftover formula powder

For sealed powder, it can go beyond a month. Nevertheless, you must not use it beyond the expiry date. An expiry date is not a suggestion; hence you should never forget that. The reason for this is that there will be a degeneration of nutrients after a while. Once you have opened it, the process is relatively faster.

Why you should not use expired leftover formula


No nutritional value

There is no nutrition in the recipe once it starts to deteriorate. Why should you give your baby milk that has no nutritional value? I suppose you would not wish that and after all your baby’s health is of more importance than saving money.

Your child may feel sick

Eating lousy food makes you ill, and therefore drinking spoilt milk will make your child sick. They will vomit and have diarrhea from the milk that has expired.

It may separate

Once expired, the consistency of the milk won’t be the same again. Even after mixing, it will be hard for you to get the mixture you initially wanted. It will be from the lumpy state that your baby will have to suck it twice as hard because it will not flow consistently from the bottom. It may cause blocking of the nipple of the bottle.

Critical infection

Cronobacter infection is an infection caused by leftover milk, which will put your baby at risk. This infection is likely to grow in your baby’s formula because it adapts to dry places. Blood poisoning is one terrible effect that is potential from this bacteria, which will threaten your baby’s life.

Uses of leftover formula powder

Unexpectedly there are lots of uses of leftover formula powder. Below are some of the benefits of baby formula powder.

Donate it to a food bank

You can donate your food formula to your area food bank or even local churches only if it is unopened. It will be handy as it might also help other people who have no food for their babies.

Advertise it in the Facebook marketplace

You can put it on craigslist or Facebook if the baby powder is not past the expiry date. This service is usually free, and someone might need it hence applying to them.


You might be wondering how this is even possible. For your information, all yummy food can come as a result of the use of formula powder. Replace milk with powdered formula, and this will work out well. Pancakes, ice creams, and others are probably a few that can do well with powder formula only if it’s not a month old.


Anything unique is always excellent. Give yourself a treat by baking with the leftover formula. It is essential to look at the expiry date before using it. Use the formula powder to whip up a batch of cookies and muffins.

What to do with leftover formula powder

Eating it

If the milk powder is fresh and hasn’t reached its expiry date, you don’t have to throw it away, and you can’t throw away good food. Some mothers prefer eating it as it will later be of impact to the baby once they breastfeed.

What to do with leftover formula powder

Removes makeup

Your nighttime routine can be more straightforward and exciting once you start using leftover formula powder to work well. A thick paste is good to use. You will have done your skin a great deal because of the moisturizing effect. If you are lactose intolerant, do not try this.

What to do with leftover formula powder

Milk bath

Milk baths are great for breastfeeding mothers, and if you are one, you will find out how important this is. Milk baths help in moisturizing dry skin, healing diaper rash, and also soothes itchy skin. To take a milk bath, you have to swap the responsibility of water with leftover formula powder. How amazing this looks and how fascinating it sounds just using leftovers as a means of a bath.

Hot chocolate or coffee

All about milk, imagine making your favorite warm beverage using baby formula. Nevertheless, it might taste funky to you if you are using it for the first time. You can treat your taste buds to something new by trying this. Just make your coffee, as usual, then instead of milk, add formula powder.

For gardening

Some nutrients plants need to grow are found in the formula powder. You can substitute your fertilizer for this formula powder. If it has not expired, it will be helpful in your plant’s growth.

Cracked hands

Using bare hands in the garden can be pretty devastating as your hands will get dirty and cracked. If you have no gloves, the formula powder will work out well as a cleanser and moisturizer for your hands. Only add some lemon juice to the powder because the lemon helps to clean while the milk powder scrapes off the dirt.

Washing your clothes

Stains in our clothes sometimes give us a hard time as we hardly try to get rid of them. All you have to do is to mix the formula with water, then soak your clothes in it overnight. Some people bet that this method removes stains at all without disappointment. It also works for white cotton. When it is done soaking, you can wash your clothes as usual and look how the stains will be getting off.


To make a thick paste, you have to mix the formula powder with water. Now add colors of your choice and make a selection of your canvas. The leftover formula can use it to create artwork or craft. You can also repurpose an old piece of furniture. Paint it and let it dry completely.


Will it sound odd to you? It is a great idea anyway. If you have run a shot of shaving cream by bad luck, you can make a milk powder paste. Rub the paste on the area you want to shave, and voila, and guess what? You now have shaving cream.

What you should do with expired formula powder

Some people battle on what to do with expired baby formula powder. Here are some simple tips on what to do with them.

  • Exchange for a new formula
  • Use it in your garden
  • Use it as animal feed, and you can give it to a local farmer
  • Use it to care for and nurse your pets
  • Donate it to an animal shelter or rescue home.

Finally, I see no need to throw away leftover milk. There are plenty of things you can do with the formula because of the myriad reasons it offers. Of course, you will not want to risk your baby’s health by giving them expired formula powder; therefore, alternative purposes come. 

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