What Traits Do Babies Get From Their Father

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When you are expecting a baby, in that joyful period, parents frequently ask themselves what traits do babies get from their father, and what traits the baby will inherit from the mother. Simply, how the baby will look like. Will the father’s genes or the mother’s genes prevail? 

Of course, proud dads would like babies to look like them and have a father’s character.

Let’s see what qualities come from them:

Eye color. If the dad has dominant brown eyes, the baby is more likely to have the same, even if the dad has recessive blue eyes, the baby is again more likely to have blue eyes. 

The look of the hair. Again dads wonder if your little one will have straight or curly hair. Often babies are born without hair but later they often get the hair that dad has. 

Dimples. Even though we can never be sure what the baby will look like, when it comes to dimples, we can assume one thing. If the father has them, there is a big chance that the baby will get them as well. 

Babies usually sleep restlessly, so in the morning you can find them everywhere on the bed, the culprits – fathers. 

When it comes to tooth quality, as well as the child’s weight and height, they are usually inherited from the father. 

And, maybe one the most important thing, of course besides the health of a baby, the sex of the child is also determined by the father’s gene. 

All that we have listed should be accepted with reservations whether nature is playing with dominant and recessive genes in the mother’s womb, and the result is always unknown.

Do you get more genes from your mom or dad?

If we look into the genetic side, naturally babies care more about the mother’s genes compared to the ones inherited from the father. This is not a coincidence because the reason behind it is organelles that are in your cells. There are also mitochondria that are also received from mothers only. 

At this point, the answer to the questions of what traits do babies get from their father sounds unpromising. But it is not as simple as it looks. The genes that the baby will get are very complex, and we can’t simply explain them. 

Which parent will the baby look like?

No matter how much the mom wants the baby to look like her, and the same goes for fathers, many types of research have shown that a lot of newborns generally resemble both parents equally.

There is also a study that claims that the baby will look like its mother in the first three days of its life, but as time passes the baby will start to look more like its father.

However, babies are not always impartial to their parents, and some babies seem to resemble one parent more than the other.

Research studies have shown that it is possible for a baby to look like their mom or dad at birth, but the resemblance only becomes stronger as time goes on. 

How to tell if your baby is like your dad?

Parents can conclude this by simply comparing the baby with the father. Their facial features, mimics, and their expressions. That could be the face shape, the nose or eyes, the mouth, or simply the whole look. 

Therefore, answering the question of what traits do babies get from their father, is very difficult. We can never certainly know everything before the baby is even born.

It is usually said that sons inherit their looks from moms and daughters from dads, maybe that is true, but it is certainly not obligatory. There is a high probability that babies will look like their father, and not only physically, sometimes, even the baby’s temperament can be similar to fathers, but this also refers to moms. 

Babies change, they carry the genes of both parents, usually, the dominant genes win, and the baby looks like the carriers of those genes. From newborn to puberty and adulthood your child will surely change. 

You will always notice something new in your child through the years of growing up. If you notice a similarity in facial features with one of the parents, it can be a sign that they will look more similar as they get older.

It is also possible that your baby looks like its mother, and later during growing up he completely changes its character and looks more like its father.

Why do babies look more like one parent?

This widely depends on the gene version that both mom and dad carry. So, the one that is dominant, or the ones that pass down to the baby, will determine whether the child will look like one of the parents.

Each child has two copies of chromosomes and therefore two copies of our genes. This means that the baby can even have an eye color totally different from both parents.


Parents are very curious when it comes to the baby’s look. Mom can be really proud when the baby looks more like her than its father, and the same goes for dad. But the important thing is that the baby is happy and healthy. However, we can’t ignore the looks. 

In all that curiosities, dads usually ask, what traits do babies get from their father? We can say for sure that the sex of the baby will be determined by the father.

While mothers carry only X chromosomes, dads carry both X and Y chromosomes, and the one that decides to attach will determine whether the baby is female or male.

Other things like the hair, color of the eyes, possibilities of inheriting dimples, and tooth quality can also be passed from the father to the unborn baby.

However, we can’t say that this is 100% true in all cases because it’s not. It’s individual, and each baby is the result of many mixed genes that can’t be predicted how it will result in the end. 

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