What Traits Do Babies Get From Their Mother

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In our previous blog, we saw what traits can be inherited by the father. Now let’s check what traits do babies get from their mothers. Genetics can tell you what your baby will look like physically, what the baby’s behavior will be like, and many more details. 

There goes behavior or temper. So, if your baby is nervous or likes to cry a lot, moms are the ones to blame. Temperament is most influenced by the environment, but you can also thank mom if your baby is noisy.

Don’t take this to the heart of course, but the babies do tend to inherit behavior for their mothers whether the good or the little tempered one. 

Research has shown that if the mother eats healthy, the baby has a great chance of liking and preferring the same food. So, if we have good eating habits, we have to thank our moms for that.

If the mother is left-handed, it is very likely that the baby will also be left-handed. Intelligence comes from x chromosomes (so at least scientists say). So, our beloved mothers are responsible for our cleverness. 

If the mother has frequent headaches, these migraines and even blindness to some colors are also inherited from no one other than the mother itself.

Are there any traits that come from mom?

If a pregnant woman eats healthily, there is a high probability that the baby will also prefer healthy food without sugar and no artificial substances. 

If the expectant mother exercises and is physically active, the birth will be easier and the baby’s physical efforts, which the mother is used to, will remain in the baby’s memory. If moms are happy during pregnancy and have a healthy and calm environment, the baby will be calm and peaceful. 

It has been proven that pregnant women convey their emotions to babies. If the mother is depressed during pregnancy she is likely to pass the depression on to her unborn baby. 

Also, when a mother listens to music because it evokes a feeling of happiness, the unborn child in her belly will probably end up being a cheerful baby.

What traits do babies get from their mothers? It is normal for mothers to pass on genes to their babies, as well as a family line that is passed on through grandparents. But it should be taken into account that mothers pass on many of their needs to babies during their pregnancy. 

So, in addition to genetic similarities with mothers, babies can get everything that moms did and even wanted during pregnancy. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

However, those negative and bad things can affect your baby just like the good ones can. Loud noise, annoying, inactive life, junk food, polluted air, can affect the fetus and its development in utero and later in life as well.

How do babies get their traits from their parents?

Every parent has two copies of each gene. Therefore, both mom and dad will pass along only one copy of their genes to the baby. Those genes that a baby now has, will determine a newborn’s traits. One of the most popular ones is the hair, eye color, skin, height genes but also susceptibility to specific diseases.

Let’s understand that 50% of mothers and 50% of husbands’ genes are mixed, but it’s not that simple. There can be up to seven hundred sequences in one genetic code that can affect eye color, skin color, or your child’s height, which makes it difficult to guess how your baby might look even before it is born. 

The most common thing parents are curious about, right after the woman finds out she is pregnant, is the gender of the baby. Well, now pregnant ladies can find out that pretty soon. 

We all already know the combination of XX chromosomes is for girls and XY for boys, which determines gender. However, we can’t know what type of chromosome has been attached before an ultrasound. 

But, there is also common knowledge that a man who has many brothers will probably have a son and if he has many sisters he will probably have a daughter. Coincidence, we are not sure, but we don’t want to think that way.

Finally, you can imagine the whole pregnancy of what your baby will look like, but it definitely depends on how nature will play with our genes and the way it will mix chromosomes in the mother’s womb.


Just like the dads ask themselves what trait will their baby inherit from them, the same goes for moms. What traits do babies get from their mothers? 

Well, we can thank mom for being a clever boy or a girl, and for having such a strong temper. Also, if the baby likes eating healthy foods and has those preferences, moms are responsible for this. 

Nevertheless, please don’t take all these facts stated above as 100% of how it must be. The genes and the human body, along with the look and tempers depend on many things and it’s very complex. 

We can’t just say that is how it must be. Baby is the product of mixed genes and we can never be absolutely sure what the baby will look like. 

There’s the beauty of imagining it, assuming, and the thrill the parents have when waiting for the time to meet the baby. Nobody is stopping you from doing that. Enjoy all the little things the pregnancy is caring for, and it’s not a sin to hope for the best traits.

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