When Can You Put Nail Polish on a Baby?

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There is no exact time on when can you put nail polish on a baby? But, when the baby stops putting its hands and fingers inside its mouth, you can consider using nail polish. 

When it comes to the toenails, it is less likely that the baby will put them in its mouth after 8 months, but when it comes to fingernails, don’t do it at least before the baby is 18 months old. Some approximate stages would be between 18 months and the second year.

It is not safe to put regular nail polish on a baby. It’s a simple fact and one that should be easy for everyone to know when it comes to caring for children and nails. 

This may seem harmless and your child may not show any signs of damage caused by the nail polish (assuming you’ve painted their nails with paint rather than the water-based variety), but as many parents will tell you: this is not safe at all.

In some ways, nail polish is just as much for your baby as it is for mommy. Painting them can be a bonding experience that relieves boredom or expresses love.

If you want to take this step you should only use lead-free, non-toxic nail polish and start painting your baby’s nails once they’re two years old, using only one clear coat at first.

Can you use nail polish on an infant?

Yes and no. There are a few different types of nail polish that have been tested and shown to be safe for use with infants, but there are many more that have not been tested or labeled as safe.

There is a substantial risk of exposing babies to dangerous chemicals in polish designed for adults. It’s easy to imagine how babies could become exposed since they stick their fingers and toes in their mouths all the time!  

Some chemicals in these brands can harm your infant when ingested and some other chemicals could cause irritation to sensitive areas of an infant’s skin.

Some brands such as “Pinyon” contain other toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde which can cause allergic reactions or even cancer in adults if ingested by the human body. But, fortunately, there are also several nail polish varieties specifically designed for children and babies.

What nail polish is safe for newborns?

When can you put nail polish on a baby? Around 18-24 months of their life. That’s clear, but what about the type? What nail polish is safe for newborns? Piggy Paint that is 100% non-toxic.

Piggy Paints are nail polishes that are based on water and don’t contain any toxic substances. Therefore, infants and kids, as well as nursing and pregnant women, can wear these polishes. No harsh chemicals and no strong odor, these safe polishes are also suitable for vegans and are cruelty-free.

Another one is Prim and Pure. These nail polishes are also 100% safe plus the best thing is they are edible. They are made from fruits and vegetables, which makes this polish totally safe for your baby when it comes to ingesting it or even eating them. 

So, if your toddler is still putting its finger and toes inside the mouth, you have nothing to worry about! Plus, you don’t have to use harmful liquids like acetone to take them off. They will dry out within a minute and will be taken off simply by running them under hot water!

Regular nail polish, on the other hand, is not safe for babies because the chemicals are toxic to their immature, developing skin. These dangerous chemicals can harm the nails and cause a lifetime of health problems. Don’t let your baby’s pinky toes get a bad name anymore.

Is water-based nail polish safe for toddlers?

When we use water-based nail polish, are they safe for toddlers? This is one very popular question, right next to, when can you put nail polish on a baby?

Most nail polishes are made with chemicals that are not safe for kids. But, the good news is that there are also plenty of water-based nail polishes available to purchase. 

These are less likely to contain the hazardous chemicals found in many other brands, and they do not pose a risk to children or pregnant women.


Painting a baby’s fingers and toenails can be super cute, and sometimes very hard to resist. Plus it can be a very entertaining thing when parents are trying to bond with their kids. Even so, we are still a bit skeptical when it comes to using these kinds of things. 

Many questions pop up. Can a mom wear nail polish? Are nail polishes safe for babies? Can they do any harm to a toddler? If not, when can you put nail polish on a baby? And many more. 

To sum it up, do not use regular nail polishes on your baby, but rather choose the one that is 100% natural. Babies are known for putting their hands and toes inside the mouth, so if they have regular paint on their nails, they can inhale and eat toxic chemicals. No parent wants that.

Instead, use a Piggy Paint and Prim and Pure type of nail polishes. These are totally natural, non-toxic, vegan polishes that are safe for your baby, even if they eat them!

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