When do Babies’ Eyelashes Get Darker?

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When do babies' eyelashes get darker?

As a baby grows older, the presence of hormones causes the hair on his or her eyelids to darken. This change is usually noticeable after 6 months. By age 2, most children have dark lashes. There is no time limit for this process, but it tends to happen within the first few years of life.

Eyelashes, bottom eyelashes, as well as eyebrows, are starting to grow while the baby is still in the mother’s womb. This happens around the 20th week of pregnancy.

The hair on the baby is usually very thin and light, and it’s hard to notice it on the scan. When the baby arrives, there is the possibility that the baby would have less hair with the lighter color, which can become darker as the child is getting older.

When do babies’ eyelashes get darker? The color of baby eyelashes changes with age and is determined by the number and type of pigment chemicals found in the iris.

Eyelashes are generally black before birth but can turn dark brown or black later on depending on the child’s genetics.

Many people want to know how soon they can expect their baby’s lashes to get darker. The answer mainly depends on what his or her genetics are like.

Will my newborn’s eyelashes darken?

When do babies' eyelashes get darker?

If the baby has fair hair and blue eyes, their eyelashes will begin to darken by six months of age and the eyebrows should also be darker by 18 months old. There goes the answer to when do babies’ eyelashes get darker?

But this can vary. Some babies will be born with light eyelashes, some will have none, while others may have a lot of dark ones.

There are also cases where the baby is born without any hair but in the next 2 weeks they will grow them out, while other babies don’t have any lashes until they are 6 weeks old.

Whether your baby is having no eyelashes or only a few light ones, or even a lot of dark hair, it’s a totally normal occurrence for all these extremes.

When a newborn’s eyes first open after birth, they are a bright blue or gray color. It takes up to two years for eyelashes to darken. If the baby is dark-haired, their eyebrows will also become darker in contrast with the still light eyelash color.

Do all newborns have blonde eyelashes?

No, they don’t. But each kid is a kid for himself and you should not compare them. Some babies are born without any lashes that can grow a few weeks later but they will still be blonde and hard to see.

So, when do babies’ eyelashes get darker? Sometimes, this will not happen. Some kids have the blonde gene and will probably have light eyelashes later in life as well. 

There are kids that are born with light eyelashes but there are other different colors of hair too. The ones that are born with white or lighter hair, can have some problems with vision and be sensitive to sunlight. If we go too extreme, there are also babies born with albinism.

Those babies have very light skin, and very light hair, almost impossible to see. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem nor a sickness. It’s just that the baby has a very strong blond gene.

There are also cases of babies that are born prematurely that need more time to grow their hair. 

Newborns do indeed have eyelashes, but they’re usually dark or brownish in color. For blond hair to grow on the lower half of their face, babies would have to receive one or more blue eye colors (such as auburn) from both sides of their family lines.

Many newborns also have pink or red hair because the color pigments originate in cells that are closest to where skin-cell development occurs — and these pigments tend to be present even before birth.

Are newborns born with eyelashes?

When do babies' eyelashes get darker?

Yes, usually babies are born with eyelashes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that babies have to have eyelashes. While some have long and dark lashes, when they are born, some don’t even have any.

Also, there are babies that have very short eyelashes, which are very difficult to notice.  So, when do babies’ eyelashes get darker? The answer can definitively vary. It really depends on the baby and its genes. 

A baby’s face is already a work of art. Between their chubby cheeks and rosy red lips, newborns have always been irresistible.

But it’s not just their physical features that make them so special; it’s the tiniest details—like those teeny eyelashes, which are often overlooked as a baby grows up.

You may be surprised to learn that newborns are born with eyelashes, but they’ll soon shed them in the first few weeks of life. If that’s not the case with your baby don’t worry. It will probably grow them within the first year of its life.


There are a lot of questions when a new baby is arriving. Almost every parent is worrying if their child is healthy or if a certain thing is normal.

Usually, it is. There are some patterns that should be followed but each baby is different, especially when it comes to looks. 

Some babies are born with long hair, lashes, and even eyebrows, while others have none. That’s a sign that all babies have different genes from their parents’ sides.

If your baby is lighter skin, with blue eyes and blond hair, there’s the possibility that later in life, the baby will maintain that color.

So, when do babies’ eyelashes get darker? If the baby had this blond gene, as mentioned above, probably the eyelashes will not get darker.

But, everything is individual, and maybe the color can change. Babies that don’t even have any eyelashes, can grow them out as well. 

Just give it time. Babies’ development is different, while some may grow them in the first two weeks, others might need more than a year. 

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