When Do Babies Get Freckles and Moles

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When the newborn arrives, there are not so many moles, and especially freckles to be seen on the baby’s face and body. Therefore, many parents ask, when do babies get freckles and moles? 

Some average time would be between the age of two and four. 

This is all due to genes the baby inherited from one parent or both and sun exposure, and as soon as the baby starts to be more mobile and starts spending more time outside, the moles and freckles will start appearing. 

Walking on their own and doing more outdoor activities, will definitely have an influence on its appearance. 

When the child is still young, there are no “freckles factories” working in order to get the freckles out on their skin. But it should be noted that not all babies will get freckles or moles at an equal amount.

When the baby gets older than two years old, these kinds of spots begin to appear more often. When you compare a baby who is two months old with a two-year-old, the difference in terms of freckling and moles is huge!

When do moles appear on babies?

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi or moles are present even right after the birth of the baby. But they will develop in the first year of the baby’s life as well. This will drastically change after the second year because the baby will be more exposed to the sun and the sunlight itself.

These types of birthmarks, such as moles, are found in one to three percent of infants. When it comes to their looks, they can be very different from one another.

When the moles appear, people should also consider getting a sunblock for the protection of their baby’s skin.

The increase in melanin production when a baby is exposed to sunlight or UV rays will also affect its appearance over time.

Is it normal for a baby to have a freckle?

When a baby is born they don’t have freckles. The newborn has just come out from the mother’s womb, where no sunlight could get through. After the baby has been exposed to the sun for some time, the specks can develop on the baby’s face. 

The time that the freckles will appear is not precisely determined, but some time frame is between the second and fourth years of a child’s life.

If the baby has lighter skin the freckles are more likely to be visible, but dark-skinned babies will also have them. If there are no family members with freckles then there is a lower chance that the baby will have them. 

Freckles are actually benign lesions on the skin caused by exposure to UV rays from sunlight. By nature, they are brown or tan-colored spots with small distinct borders, and they increase in size as time goes by.

Sometimes they can cover large areas of the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and sometimes even other parts of the body.

Do moles appear on babies?

Yes, moles can appear in babies. This goes out to a question, when do babies get freckles and moles? It is usually around its second birthday. 

There is nothing to worry about if your baby has one or a few moles. While the child is growing, the number of moles will increase throughout childhood and adulthood as well.

They will probably go bigger while time is passing by, and it is possible to change their original color. 

There is also a possibility for these moles to fade and disappear when the child gets older, and even seem to be completely gone. However, it is not possible to re-appear the way they were.

Moles on the skin can appear or change their color due to the fact that there are iris cells that will die off in the future and make a mole less visible. 

If you want to remove your child’s mole, then it would be better just doing nothing about this issue because we cannot say it is the best solution, especially if there’s nothing wrong with it.

What are angel kisses on babies?

Angel kisses are actually called erythema toxicum neonatorum. It is a condition where harmless bacteria causes infection, which causes small red or pink bumps to appear on your baby’s skin. It is usually at the nape of his or her neck, forehead, eyelids, nose, mouth, and cheeks.

Sometimes these red patches can be itchy and dry, sometimes they can become infected if not kept clean and dry.

These spots are also called angel kisses or stork bites. What is typical for them is that they can get a bit brighter while the child is crying. 

Typically these bumps will go away within a few weeks, and they should not last long. Sometimes they can last for a few months rather than weeks, some can be present for a few years, but in any case, they are pretty harmless.


Little dots on the baby’s face and body can be very cute. When the baby is born, there are no signs of freckles which doesn’t have to mean that the baby will not have them. When it comes to moles, they can be present in smaller amounts right after birth.

Typically, parents would ask, when do babies get freckles and moles? They will become more visible after the second year of the baby’s life but sometimes even later.

This happens because at this period the child is more exposed to the sunlight. Freckles will develop when UV light strikes your skin because of the presence of dark pigments called melanin.

Therefore, the freckles and moles will be more visible due to the sun exposure especially the facial part along with the hands.

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