When do you have a Baby Shower

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When do you have a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a time to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby and give the expecting mother special (and much-needed!) gifts. But, whether you’re throwing a baby shower, attending one, or expecting a baby, you’re bound to have some questions.

First and the point of discussion of this article is- When do you have a Baby Shower? The simple answer is that there is no “perfect” time for a shower. Some parents choose to shower early in their pregnancies, while others wait until a week or two before their due dates. The scheduling of your baby shower is ultimately determined by what works best for you, your family, and the person hosting the event.

In this article, we’ll talk in brief about this question. So, with no further ado, let’s get started! 

What is a Baby Shower?

The parents aren’t the only ones that get happy when a baby is on the way. Future grandparents, aunts, and uncles, cousins, friends, and other family members are likely to be excited to meet the newest member of the family. 
One of the most conventional methods for your loved ones to express their delight in your pregnancy is to throw a baby shower. It’s a chance for friends and family to spend time with the expecting parents and “shower” them with presents, love, and well wishes before the baby are born.

When do you have a Baby Shower?

There is no hard and fast rule about when a baby shower should be held. The majority of baby showers take place four to six weeks before the baby is due. Guests will be able to choose gifts and décor based on the gender of the baby.

The majority of moms will have at least one baby shower to celebrate their first pregnancy, and many will have more for subsequent pregnancies. The optimum time to have a baby shower is one of the most often asked questions.

When do you have a Baby Shower

Organizing Your Baby Shower Date and Time 

So, when do you have a Baby Shower? It is debatable. Before deciding on a specific date for the baby shower, the host must consider various factors. The due date, seasonal concerns, and even minor matters like throwing the baby shower for breakfast or happy hour are all on the list.

Typical Timeframes 

It used to be customary to have a baby shower near the end of the third trimester. This worked well since most individuals lived close to their families and didn’t have to worry about travel, timing, or other factors.

As families became more dispersed, having a baby shower earlier in the third trimester became increasingly frequent. The great majority of baby showers now take place around this time. Some of the events are hosted early as a result of having more than one baby shower during pregnancy.

Best Time of the Week

When planning a baby shower, many people choose a weekend date. Weekends are frequently excellent because fewer individuals have job commitments and can come. Saturdays and Sundays are also customary days, therefore more conventional mothers will probably prefer this alternative. If you do decide on a more traditional baby shower, make sure to read up on baby shower etiquette. 

You can host the baby shower on a weekday if you have a busy weekend or a lot of friends and relatives available during the week. If that’s the case, let your guests know well in advance so they can plan accordingly.

Best Time of the Day

Lunchtime is the traditional time for a baby shower, although this has recently given way to a variety of other choices. Some women prefer to celebrate at a little earlier hour and enjoy hosting a brunch. Others enjoyed holding a ‘happy hour’ shower at sunset, complete with plenty of baby-themed mocktails. Consider the types of activities you’d like to have at the party. Plan for lunch if your list includes a park picnic.

Various Timing 

A baby shower may be held early or later in the pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Some of these causes could include:

Expecting twins or other multiples

You might hold a baby shower extremely late in the second trimester or earlier in the third trimester when a mother is expecting twins or other multiples. Due to the fact that twins tend to arrive a little earlier, mom may be able to avoid missing her baby shower since the infants have arrived. 
Later in the pregnancy, the mother may need to be on bed rest. This provides her some time to prepare, such as talking over what she needs to do to get her nursery ready for the multiples.

Geographic Location

If your family is geographically dispersed, you may want to hold the baby shower at a time and place that allows most family members to attend. The baby shower will also be conducted at a time when the pregnant woman is most able to travel comfortably. It could be at a family reunion that you have every year or that was already planned.

When do you have a Baby Shower
Beliefs in religion or culture 

There are taboos in some cultures and religions against having a baby shower before the birth of a child. It’s also possible that this is just a family tradition. A baby shower, often known as a naming or other welcoming ceremony, can be held after the baby is born. The advantage is that the baby is usually allowed to attend the party. Others simply choose to host a single postpartum visit. This type of gathering is known as a Sip and See, and it takes place after the baby is born.

Gatherings for the season, holidays, or other occasions 

If the family is spread out, it may be acceptable to hold the baby shower around a holiday or similar family gathering where the majority of the family will already be present. To do both together and make each party unique, some planning is required.

Reasons to Host a Baby Shower Earlier 

  1. Late in pregnancy, it’s difficult to undertake any extra baby purchasing. Hosting a baby shower early in a mother’s pregnancy gives her the opportunity to purchase goods that she wasn’t given at the baby shower. 
  2. Some mothers expressed regret that their baby showers were not conducted earlier in their pregnancies because they were too exhausted to enjoy them. Hosting a shower so close to the due date can be difficult for a tired, pregnant mother. 
  3. Babies have their own timetable. You don’t want to risk having a baby shower too late in case of an early delivery. If the mother has a high risk of early labor, keep that in mind while deciding on a due date.
  4. Throwing a baby shower earlier in the pregnancy can make the mother feel more picture-perfect. While a soon-to-be mother enjoys having her baby belly photographed, she does not want to appear exhausted in her baby shower photo book.

Reasons to Host a Baby Shower Later 

  1. Hosting a later baby shower is a terrific way to extend the joy of the pregnancy till the conclusion. Garden-themed activities and DIY crafts are especially entertaining when the due date is approaching, so this is a good alternative for mothers who haven’t requested an earlier baby shower. 
  2. Keep in mind that some women prefer to have their baby shower in the eighth month of their pregnancy, just in case they have any prenatal problems. The mother will feel more secure about her infant if she showers later.
  3. If the mother waits until later in the pregnancy, she will learn more about her child, including the gender. This can be a fun detail to add to the celebrations, whether it’s in the shape of a baby blue cake or tutu-themed party goodies.

Places to Have a Baby Shower

The number of guests invited to your baby shower will influence where you choose to hold it. If you’re hosting a tiny baby shower, you can host it at your home. This might be one of the planners’ homes or the home of the new parents.

Planners should keep in mind, however, that if the shower is hosted at Mom’s house, someone should stay behind to assist with cleanup. Nobody wants to clean up after a party while they’re in their third trimester! 

There are numerous additional locations where a baby shower might be held. You can find popular baby shower locations around you by doing a fast Google search. Community centers, tea rooms, restaurants, parks, motels, and clubhouses are just a few examples.

The most important thing is to consider your parents’ tastes and choose a location that can accommodate the activities you’ve planned for the big day. If you’re planning a lot of fun games, a park or clubhouse would be excellent. A quiet, stylish baby shower could be held in a restaurant or tea room, on the other hand.

Alternatively, you might host a virtual baby shower entirely online, which became a popular socially distant option during the COVID pandemic. When you, your friends, and your family all reside in different places, it’s also a terrific alternative.

When do you have a Baby Shower

What is the best way to throw a baby shower? 

Baby showers can be casual and beautiful, or they can be playful and entertaining. It all depends on what Mom desires and how she is feeling. Even if mom doesn’t generally plan her own baby shower, it’s still a good idea to get her input on the planned activities. 

The following are some of the most crucial considerations to make when preparing a baby shower:


There are lots of games to keep guests interested, from guessing how big mom’s belly is to “Guess the Baby Food.” Google can assist you in compiling a list of entertaining baby shower games.


You can host a buffet or a spread where everyone can participate. You might even ask your guests to chip in and help you buy everything before the big day. You can also ask the venue for a budget if you’re throwing the baby shower at a restaurant or tea room. You can always have a cake for a baby shower! 


Baby shower favors do not need to be expensive. Small bags filled with candies, biscuits, or other small goodies are a great way to express gratitude to each visitor.


If the parents have set up a gift registry, each visitor can bring their own gift; typical items include baby clothes, toys, and diapers. You might also get mom some self-care items like face masks, scented candles, or even some good makeup. 
Alternatively, if mom and dad require assistance with one of the more expensive gifts, you might speak with visitors and try to raise funds to present a larger gift together. 

Theme or decorations 

To come up with decoration ideas, use sites like Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Simple ingredients and DIY crafts can be used to create a variety of appealing themes.

Baby Shower Etiquette

There used to be a lot of rules for baby shower etiquette, but you’re not required to follow them if you don’t want to. For example, in the past, a single baby shower was conducted, and it was only for the first baby. In today’s world, expecting mothers can be feted on several dates if various organizations choose to organize their own parties. 

It’s also become fashionable to throw a baby shower for every pregnancy. Of course, presents for a second or third pregnancy aren’t normally as lavish. However, expectant parents can still have a good time with their loved ones!


When do you have a baby shower? You may have wondered, and we answer that here today. Don’t let the uncertainty of planning a baby shower damper your joy as you anticipate your blessed event.

Getting friends and family together and deciding when to have a baby shower can be difficult. Just keep in mind that the most crucial thing is to understand what the expectant woman desires. You’ve organized a good baby shower if she feels appreciated by the people she cares about.

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