Why Are Some Babies Born Without Hair

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Why Are Some Babies Born Without Hair

When little ones are born, they surely know how to surprise their moms and dads. Impatient and proud parents want to see what kind of hair the baby has and what color it is whether it is thick or has curls, but usually many babies are born with no hair at all.

Therefore, many parents wonder, why are some babies born without hair? This is difficult to explain because there are many factors that affect a baby’s hair. First and foremost, scientists are not sure what determines whether a baby will have hair or not. 

The growth of the baby’s hair can be influenced by the level of the pregnant woman’s hormones and genetics, and some even insist on ethnicity. The first baby’s hair appears in the mother’s womb in the third month of pregnancy. 

However, this is not necessary because maybe due to a lack of hormones or some other reason, the baby doesn’t develop so-called lanugo hair or hair on the head. Parents need to be prepared for any surprises.

Your baby, right after the birth, might have a head full of hair or even be completely bald like a billiard ball. The important thing is that the baby is healthy, and the key thing to know is that the presence of hair, its density, and color depend mainly on the genes. 

Just because your baby was born bald doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it. Probably after the first six months, he or she will start to grow beautiful new hair as thick as its mother’s or black as its father’s.

Your baby can be hairless for up to two years and then can start growing gorgeous blonde hair. Simply all combinations are possible with the growth of the baby’s hair, color, as well as with curl patterns.

Why do some babies have no hair?

Why Are Some Babies Born Without Hair

Before babies are born, they have lanugo hair. This hair tends to fall off while in utero thus giving you the bald baby. On the other hand, there are babies that are born with lanugo hair, which usually falls off in the first weeks of one’s life, and it’s soon replaced with vellus hair. This type of hair is very soft, fine, and harder to see. 

Sometimes babies are born with lots of hair. But, suddenly the hair starts to fall out and the parents get scared. But don’t worry, this is a normal situation for newborns.

Your baby’s hair can fall out for two reasons. One is because of brushing the baby’s hair too often, or second, the baby tends to lie down a lot on the one side of the head.

This occurs in the form of spots on the back of the head that can spread. As the baby gets stronger and starts to sit more often, the hair will grow back.

Another, and possibly the main reason why the baby’s hair is falling off is due to a change of hormones. During pregnancy, the mother gives the baby a large dose of hormones that affect the growth of the baby’s hair.

When the baby is born, the level of hormones decreases and the baby’s hair growth slows down the process. 

Why are some babies born with hair everywhere?

Why Are Some Babies Born Without Hair

The hair that babies are covered with is lanugo hair. The hair is soft and downy and it’s developed while in the mother’s womb. It has the purpose to protect the baby’s skin and insulate the body. After birth, some babies might still have lanugo hair but it will fall off in the first few weeks of an infant’s life.

Opposite from the question of why are some babies born without hair,  the one above arises. While some babies are born bald, some are born with a lot of hair all over their little one’s bodies.

When a baby’s hair starts to fall out and a new one starts to grow that is much stronger and not so fluffy. Then, to the surprise of the whole family, the baby’s hair can change its color, texture, and density. 

It takes about six months and up to two years for the baby to grow new hair. If this does not happen, it is normal to seek the advice of a doctor or a professional.

It is very rare for a baby to have a medical problem, most of which is caused by the use of inadequate shampoo, a lack of a vitamin, or iron that can easily be solved.

Why does my 1 year old have no hair?

It is normal for babies up to one year old to have no hair. Even though your baby was born with hair, the toddler can lose some or even all during its first months of life. Sometimes friction or pressure alopecia can be the reason for hair loss. 

The reasons for this temporary condition are not yet fully understood. However, most babies lose their hair because of tightness on the skin at the back of the neck. It can be due to genetic factors, even if both parents’ children have enough hair. 

Some babies also lose their hair because they develop seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap during infancy months. If you suspect that your child has a cradle cap, consult your family doctor immediately to get rid of this skin disorder.


People are different, thus babies are born different. Each child has its own unique characteristics, looks, and development pace. When it comes to looks, parents are most curious about that. 

Babies are usually separated from the ones who are bigger or smaller, have dark or light eyes, and have or don’t have any hair. That’s why a lot of parents ask, why are some babies born without hair? 

The reason behind this is probably because of the hormone levels that have drastically changed in the baby’s body, which can result in losing hair.

However, the hair will start growing very soon, so there’s no need for worrying. Sometimes just a thorough rinsing of the child’s head and proper drying after bathing is enough.

So, caring parents, do not be afraid if your baby loses hair because it is normal. Be patient and wait a few months for your little one to grow new hair. 

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