Why Do Babies Hump Things?

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Humping things at the toddler’s stage is normal. Night-time erections happen, and even though many kids are not experiencing it, it is a normal thing if your child does it.

Also, babies can do other things besides humping, like touching and even pulling their genitalia as part of their natural body reaction. They are discovering their body, and the nice-feeling, while doing all that self–unconscious. 

Have you ever seen a newborn baby cooing and pushing its hips forward? And then wonder, why do babies hump things? It’s possible that your baby is humping an object because they are happy, but it could also mean that the baby is getting ready for nursing.

Newborns are often “humping” or pushing things to prepare for nursing, sometimes with their heads down in the process. It may seem silly to us adults, but one thing is certain…it’s completely normal behavior!

As the process of breastfeeding becomes more prevalent in our society, it is important to remember why babies do this.

What does it mean when babies hump?

If you wonder,  why do babies hump things? What does that even mean? As mentioned above, it’s probably because they need some assistance soothing their nervous system while calming them.

There are also other different ways to make your toddler calmer. Parents can assist babies to regulate it in many different ways while having the co-regulation with a parent.

Babies of many species, including humans, will sometimes do a pelvic thrust when they’re tired or bored. They do this because it feels good and helps them to fall asleep. The behavior is often more prominent in girls, but boys can also hump occasionally.

Humping is a familiar, natural phenomenon that occurs when babies shift from being on their stomachs to sitting up. They often move their legs and arms vigorously, reaching for toys, shift their weight forward, and may even try to pull themselves up.

It sounds like a lot of fun for both them and their parents. But what does this mean? Why do babies hump things? Is it a baby’s way of expressing its happiness with the world around them? That’s right. They are showing boredom, happiness, soothing, or nervousness. 

Why does my 1-year-old hump things?

Many people forget that babies are little human beings, that are doing things that make them feel good. And, in the down part of our bodies, there are a lot of nerves, that when doing things like humping, are pleasant. 

But these things are different compared to humans. They are not doing this in a sexual way, but rather searching for some sensory input.

You have probably noticed that your baby girl is doing that while she is trapped in the crib, and that’s probably why she is doing it – out of boredom. 

If you don’t feel comfortable, you can try to divert her and direct her to her other senses. 

Babies are generally curious about new things and are always trying to explore their environment by interacting with it. Just because infants’ curiosity peaks at different stages of development doesn’t mean they all have innocent, playful motives.

 For example, some children who are exploring their surroundings will do this by picking up toys or doing the “Big Hugs” that parents aren’t necessarily happy with. Baby is trying to communicate through this behavior, like expressing happiness, boredom, or even anger and frustration.

Why does my toddler hump her blanket?

It’s a normal behavior even at the earliest stage, and even for girls. These so-called, age-inappropriate things are expressions of their emotions.

Not in a sexual way, but rather in a self-soothing way, just like the sucking thumb is. So, if you see your baby girl doing things like humping her blanket, don’t be surprised, or scared. 

Is it normal for girl toddlers to hump?

Why do babies hump things? This question may sound like it refers to boys more, but it refers to girls as well. And, yes, it’s totally normal for a baby girl to hump things. It is soothing her senses and it feels good, so that’s why she does it.

Babies are exploring their bodies and how things work, and a sign of humping is a natural thing. Sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable yet normal, but it’s recommended for teaching kids what to do and what not to do when in public. 

Why do toddlers self-soothe?

It’s a natural human instinct for toddlers to self-soothe. In fact, research suggests that when they do this, it actually helps them learn how to regulate their emotions and sleep better.

They are searching for sensations that they are familiar with. Therefore toddlers are sucking thumbs, like skin-to-skin touch, and often they find ways to repeat that behavior. 

In summary, when toddlers feel distressed they tend to pat or rock themselves in order to calm down. This is called ‘self-calming and the behavior is most common among infants who are between three months and five months old, especially those who have had a stressful day.


A humping situation may be a bit unpleasant, but parents remember. If your baby does this, even if it’s a girl, it’s totally normal act of behavior.

You should accept this, and don’t worry a bit about it. Now you probably wonder, okay it’s a normal thing, but why do babies hump things? Because they are trying to express themselves.

At this stage, babies don’t know how to express their emotions nor to tell you how they feel. Thus, through humping they can please themselves, not in a sexual but rather in a soothing way.

If this occurs while in public, make sure the baby’s senses are directed in another way. So the toddler can learn what to do and what not to do during a public appearance.

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