Will My Baby Have a Big Nose

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Will My Baby Have a Big Nose

It’s hard to answer will my baby have a big nose, it depends on many things. In any case, genetics play the most important role in this situation. 

Your baby takes equally genetic material from both mother and father, which genetic sequence will prevail depends on nature.

If one of the parents has a big nose, it means that there are 50% – 50% that your baby will also have a big nose, i.e. whether the female X chromosome or the male Y will predominate.

If your family tree is filled with wide noses, then you can expect your baby to have a big nose. Maybe a small nose in babies looks sweeter and they look cuter, but bigger noses in older children make them look more mature and in adults make them look more dominant.

Trying to explain what can be considered normal is difficult since every person has a different perception of beauty. To be fair, each parent holds his or her own standard on what he or she thinks will make their child beautiful. 

However, there surely must be some noses that you find lovely and would like to have for your children. That’s why a question like will my baby have a big nose is so popular. 

If you are still finding it hard to accept the possibility of your kid looking different from others due to its bone construction, try to understand that all of us are perfect in our own ways. 

There are ways to change facial features if we don’t like them, like non-surgical and surgical procedures. But when we talk about the baby, it is far too young and it’s dangerous to do any of these things just to change one’s nose. 

Can a child have a large or small nose?

Will my baby have a big nose, or a small nose the question arises. Babies can have any size of the nose but right after birth, the newborn will have a smaller one for sure. 

But what’s small for an adult, for the baby might not be. Babies can have bigger noses compared to their size as well. As the child grows, the nose will become even bigger.

Nobody can know how much length or width the child’s nose will be but if you have people in your family with bigger noses, there are pretty good chances the child will inherit it. 

Regardless of the shape and the size of the baby’s nose, whether big or small, the child will have the nose and the genes of your offspring. In any case, it will probably look like someone from your family. 

If your baby’s nose appears to be a little odd, that should definitely not blur the happiness and charm of a new life in your family nest. 

You can’t immediately tell what your baby will look like while in your womb. There are many factors that affect physical appearance but one thing is for sure you cannot choose the size of your baby’s nose or any other feature whatsoever, while pregnant. 

Be patient, and wait for the birth to rejoice with your family because every baby is beautiful with its own unique features.

What happens if the mother has a large nose?

Will My Baby Have a Big Nose

A lot of mothers wonder, will my baby have a big nose? This is especially the thing if the mum has a big nose, but it doesn’t mean that the baby will have it too. 

Remember that only the combination of both parents’ genes gives the baby a special look. Nature in its environment plays with the chromosomes of both parents and gives a magnificent life appearance.

If both parents have very small noses, there’s a big possibility that they will not give birth to children with big noses. There are cases when only one parent has a large nose, but this also doesn’t mean that the baby will inherit this type of nose structure. 

Then again, there are cases where one person has an average-sized nose and the other person has a long and bigger one. Here, there is a 50% chance for each child to inherit his father’s or mother’s genes, and get the nose of its parents.

Is there one gene that defines the nose shape?

Yes, there are genes that can affect the shape of one’s nose. They are known as GLI3 and DCHS2 genes. The first one or GLI3 is responsible for controlling nostril width while DCHS2 regulates nose ‘pointiness’.

Genes are the tiny things inside your cells that pass on certain traits from parents to their babies, so that specific genes define nose shape, says a recent study.

Basically, there is a combination of a few genes for a human nose shape.

Is it bad to have a big nose?

Will My Baby Have a Big Nose

It is not bad for your baby to have a big nose. It is probably the characteristic of your family. When your child gets older, the nose will become bigger, but how much we can not know for sure.

Some people have a Roman nose that is associated with a bigger nose with a prominent bridge. “Nasus Romanus”  or Roman nose is a character of many celebrities that gives expressive beauty and peculiarity. 

Sometimes we see babies who look like adults because their facial features might be larger than what we expect to be. Their noses may be bigger too which makes them look older. This can happen because of the mixture of different genes that the baby inherited. 


Will my baby have a big nose is not something that we can now just by going on an ultrasound. But, we can predict things. If a small nose runs in your family genes, then there is a big chance your baby will have a similar one. The same goes for big noses. 

Not only the size of the baby’s nose but the eye and hair color, are shaped by genes that you as parents possess.

What it will give your child depends on the game of nature that will mix the chromosomes of the parents and create your baby.

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