Will My Baby Have Curly Hair

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Will My Baby Have Curly Hair

The genetic characteristic of curly hair is said to be dominant. Therefore, the odds are big for a baby to have curly hair if both parents have curly hair. However, this will not mean 100% that the newborn will inherit it. 

There are cases where both parents have curly hair, yet the child has wavy or totally straight hair. So to answer the question, will my baby have curly hair, it is a bit difficult. The answer will arise after a few months have passed after the child’s birth. 

This is because the genetic characteristic of curly hair needs to meet certain conditions in order for it to be expressed. Meanwhile, there are certain babies that have very straight hair even though both parents have curly hair. This is caused by the recessive gene of the baby.

The dominant gene is usually visible with just one generation “up”. For example, if you have a curly-haired grandparent, then most likely around 50% of your kids will inherit that same characteristic.

If you have two or more straight-haired grandparents it’s also probable that the children will become like them or like one particular grandparent since they both potentially carry a recessive trait as well.

Will my baby’s hair go curly?

Probably yes if the baby inherited those genes. So, after the birth, your newborn might have straight, fine hair, and after some time, maybe a few months or even a year, little curly hair starts to pop out. 

This is totally expected because the changes that are happening to a baby can not only influence the body but to skin and hair too. 

Of course, you can only assume about your baby having curly hair. Even after the birth, when the baby has some hair, there are high chances that the hair will change while the baby is growing. It can take up to 6 months for a newborn to grow hair long enough for anyone to assume what kind of hair they have.

What age does a baby’s hair go curly?

Will My Baby Have Curly Hair

Babies’ soft hair texture can change. This usually happens at the age of two, when the hair becomes either more curly or straight, depending on genes. 

In most cases, there is a correlation between what parents’ hair looks like and their child’s hair texture. If you have straight or wavy hair yourself, your baby is likely to have straight or wavy soft hair too.

On the other hand if one of your parents has curly hair, then don’t be surprised when your little tot comes out with a head full of curls!

At what age do babies’ hair texture change?

Throughout the phases of growing up, a baby’s hair will change a lot. This mostly refers to the period of childhood. During this time, the hair follicles of your baby develop and take on a distinct form. 

When the child is around its second birthday, your baby’s hair will be changed to a thicker, longer, and sometimes even darker hair. Their curls can also turn straight if it hasn’t been already. This is due to the fact that babies’ hair texture changes as they age.

There are various factors that contribute to the change in your child’s hair texture as it ages or matures. These include age, genes, hair types, blood circulation patterns, and hormonal influence.

Age is a very important factor when talking about how baby’s hair textures change at different stages of their lives, and this has a linear effect on the changing pattern of their hair. The older a child gets, the more mature his or her features become.

Is curly hair dominant?

Will My Baby Have Curly Hair

Yes, curly hair is dominant hair. In order to know will my baby will have curly hair, you can assume that it will if one of the parents has it. So, in the situation when one parent has curly hair and the other has straight hair, the chances of that child having curly hair will be higher.

If the mother has curly hair then her baby would most likely have curly hair as well unless she had a recessive gene for straight hair that was powerful enough to override the dominant gene for curliness.

What percentage of people have curly hair?

It is more common than you think. Around 65% of the whole U.S population has this type of hair. Curly, wavy, coily hair belongs to this group. 

According to this, many parents ask will my baby have curly hair. Well, the representation of wavy hair doesn’t mean that your baby will have one, but the genes do.

Curly hair is mostly found in African Americans, Caucasians, and Asians. On the other hand, people with curly hair are most likely to suffer from frizziness.

Curly hairs are usually found in lumps of 2 or 3 sorts of locks. It tends to be dry since water easily slips off it when wet. However, it’s not actually true for all types of curls. Other parts where you can find this kind of hair are on your sideburns, eyebrows, and even lashes if you’re blessed!


Soft baby hair is one of the cutest features of the baby. But if we look at the wider picture, what’s not cute about the newborn? However, babies change a lot during their growing up. Therefore their face, body, skin, as well hair drastically changes. 

It is natural then for parents to wonder about what kind of texture of hair will the baby have, and will my baby have curly hair. You can assume that by the hair of you and your spouse.

If both of you have curly hair, there are pretty high chances that the baby will have curls as well. This is due to curly hair being the dominant gene. 

In some cases, deviations may occur. Even when both parents have curly hair, the baby can be born with the straight one, and reverse. When both parents have straight hair, the baby can have wavy hair due to their ancestors, but the chances are low. 

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